Hi, I'm Shelley Fishel,

I've been training for a long time, 20 years in fact. Delivering face to face training sessions, training people remotely with various online tools and presenting at events. Over the last few years I have spoken or presented at a variety of events specifically aimed at Pas EAs and VAs helping them to improve the way they work.

This led me to realise that most PAs and VAs have never had any IT Training around the use of Microsoft Office! They use this every single day, and lose hours all because they don't know how the software works. I remember what it was like to spend all day being busy, and getting nothing done.  I decided to make it my mission to help VAs in particular become more proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and give them the ability to use all its features.

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    Complete Microsoft Office Training Courses
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    Get back 4-5 hours a week
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    Have more time to grow your VA business

VAs have particular challenges, they work mainly on their own, have one or many clients and will often work around childcare or holiday season. So, their hours may not be your regular 9-5. This means that any personal development they do is usually put on the back burner due to time constraints.

If you take into account the cost of a face to face course plus the travel time, plus the time out of the office when she could be getting stuff done, it is easy to see why VAs don’t engage in traditional training.

tomorrow’s VA is different. Like all good online systems there are levels you can pick the one that suits you or the one you aspire to. There are also stand alone courses – so you can pick just the thing you want to learn if that suits you.

The two top levels come with added support included. A Facebook community at level 3 and a One to One with me once a month added to level 4.  This is where the magic happens as in the group, questions can be asked and answered, and peer support is important. Seeing how others deal with a situation or task is immensely helpful.

The One to One session with me can be about any Microsoft Office product and will focus on Your problem. We can use your document, spreadsheet, presentation to work out the best way to get the task done.

Word Training

Discover the productivity secrets of Microsoft Word. Training available for both Mac and Windows. 

VAs that take this training find they free up an additional 4 hours per week!

PowerPoint Training

Get back hours of your life and when you unravel the mysteries of PowerPoint. From Slide Masters to Themes you'll love how productive you become.

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Microsoft Office 365

You're the VA who wants it all! And you want to increase your productivity as fast as possible. 

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