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Why the modern VA Needs To Be on Top of Their Game

(This goes for Executive Assistants and PA’s, too)

The good news is there is growing demand for your services.  

The Virtual Assistant role has evolved beyond managing diaries, a bit of bookkeeping and writing reports.  

You might still be asked to do those things. But today’s client might also ask you to put together presentations, manage social media posts, do data analysis, schedule meetings, create eBooks and infographics, research and write blogs, and handle online meetings.  

There are opportunities out there for the smarter-thinking VA, EA or PA. That’s the case whether you are thinking of freelancing, a fresh start-up, already established or at an advanced business stage. Part-time or full-time. 

Clients crave the professional administrator who can solve their problems, show creativity and deliver excellence, on time and every time. 

 They expect you to know how to use Office and Microsoft 365. The growth in remote working means more of them want you to also be Zoom-savvy and on top of Microsoft Teams.

Learn More. Earn More


You Have  THREE  Learning Options

Option 1

Option 1

Trial and Error

Work out how to do something in Microsoft 365 as you go. This can be time-consuming and VERY frustrating, especially if you don’t embed the learning and have to refresh your memory with each repeat task.

Option 2

Option 2

Search the web

You could go trawling through the Internet and YouTube for answers. Good luck with that.  

There are more than 100 million hits for ‘Microsoft Office Training on YouTube’ alone. Even if you find a video, the information could be out of date and quality of ‘training’ quite poor.  

Option 3

Option 3

Find a Professional Microsoft 365 Trainer

You can learn via online courses or through personalised 1:1 sessions and customised group workshops. 

Meet Shelley Fishel

The Internet is amazing yet should also carry a health warning. Because anyone with a smartphone or computer can claim to be a ‘trainer’ or ‘expert’ in this or that.

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands with me.

I have been training people in Microsoft Office for 20+ years, in the classroom and online. Some people have called me ‘The Queen of Microsoft Office’, others know me as ‘The Microsoft Office Maestro’.


After working very happily with a training company, I went freelance in 2002. In 2007, I set up my own company and continued serving corporates and organisations through The IT Training Surgery.

I grew the business and then sold it. My work began to focus on helping VA’s and more of my training went online. That brings us to here and Tomorrow’s VA.

You’re reading about someone who is on a bit of a mission. My big ambition is to help thousands of VA’s, EA’s and PA’s across the globe be superheroes for their bosses and clients.

My training gives you a step-by-step guide to carrying out the essential tasks in each application. You see what’s on my screen as I talk you through it. Every cursor move. Every click.

It’s delivered in an easy-paced, clear way, with a bit of fun along the way. To get a flavour of my style you can watch a preview of one of the course training videos.

Presentation Style

International Speaker

My talks and presentations are designed to share practical know-how and time-saving tips – in an entertaining way.

Whether it’s a webinar or workshop, seminar or summit, I want people in the audience to be able to use the learning straight away.

I have spoken at events such as The PA Show, the Practically Perfect PA online summit,ExecSecTech for Executive Secretary magazine and European Management Assistants (EUMA) 40th Anniversary Conference in Paris.

My talks and presentations can cover any aspect or application of Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams and more.

I have a podcast called Virtually Amazing – The Podcast for Virtual Assistants.

Each week with co-host, Jo Brianti, I share tips and interview guest experts on topics which help VA’s to build their skills and grow their business.

I absolutely love doing the podcast and we’re excited about the lovely feedback we’re receiving.

Topics featured include setting up a VA business, GDPR, contracts, content writing, websites, coaching and training, tech security, using LinkedIn, blogging, copywriting and productivity


Author, Blogger, Writer

You can find my range of ‘how to’ books – on Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and more – on the Bookboon website.

I also wrote a book called ‘Business Barista – Essential Excel Skills to Streamline Your Business. It tells the journey of a fictitious coffee shop owner called Matt, and how he’s able to use the Microsoft application to grow his business.

I’m a contributor to Executive Secretary magazine. You can also explore more of my tips, blogs and articles through LinkedIn and when you sign up for my newsletter.

As well as being an entrepreneur, IT trainer, author, writer, podcaster, and business owner, I’m also a mother, a grandmother, and a wife. Family is important to me and I know what it’s like to juggle work and kids.

You might be thinking of a career change or going freelance. You may be just starting out or already up and running. You might be part-time or full-time.

You may work at the kitchen table, or in the dining room, bedroom, or study. Perhaps you use a shared workspace or even have a nice office.

Wherever you are and whatever stage you are at, I’m here to help.

Mum & More

Take Your First Step to Become a VA Superhero

(EA’s and PA’s can wear a cape, too)