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Happy New Year… 2020 is here.  

I hope you enjoyed the festivities, however you celebrate.  And now it’s time to look ahead.  Are you ready for another year?

🕰Time to make sure you are prepared and ready  

🕰Time to check you are in good shape to serve your clients.  

🕰Time to take your VA business to where you want it to be.  

If you’ve not done so already, you may want to give some thought to how you are going to make 2020 a memorable year.  

Here are 5 areas you will want to get to grips with:  

  1. Mindset – Be positive, be confident. Be how you want clients and prospects to see you.  If a little help is wanted in this area, consider working with a coach. Many are specialists in the mindset field.  
  2. Plan for Business – Have you worked out how much you wish to earn this year?  Have you sorted what services you will offer? How many hours a week you will work? How many clients you will need to serve to reach your financial goals?  When you set this down on paper (or on the computer) you will find the clarity gives you focus and energy to get things done.  Sit down and do this first.  If you’ve already got it sorted, well done. You’re ahead of the pack.
  3. Marketing – This is an element which some VA’s struggle with.  It’s about knowing your market and ideal client. Knowing where to find them. Knowing what to say to make them want to work with you.  Do you have a plan for the year? How are you going to use Social Media? How will you use digital? What offline strategies might you use?  And, remember, the most powerful form of marketing is ‘Word of Mouth’. So remember to collect testimonials and case studies as you go.
  4. Build-in Breaks and Holiday – When you are self-employed and running a business, it can be easy to forget to take any time off.  Please don’t make this mistake.  There may be times when you need to put the extra hours in but you also don’t want to wear yourself out. If you’re off sick you won’t be able to serve your clients very well, if much at all. That’s not good for either party. Take care of yourself.  Set aside time upfront for holidays. And build in regular breaks so you can rest, relax and recharge.
  5. Master the Tools and Tech – To serve your clients you’re going to be using applications, software and tools. The better you know how to use them, the better for you and your clients. It means you can spend less time looking up how to do something and more time impressing the people who are paying you.  And, of course, the more productive you are the more you can take on. Those extra bits of work income each month can make a big difference when there are things like family, bills, rent or mortgage to manage.  

This is where you can call upon my help. 

If you’re using Microsoft Office for your business, you can upgrade your learning and skills with my range of online training courses 

Or, you can get the best value deal with lifetime access to Tomorrow’s VA Hub… also known as ‘The Full Monty’. 

 The complete works of my online training at your fingertips, whenever you need it. 

 Here’s to your brilliant year. 

 New year, new success. 

Are you ready for another year?