The business world is filled with jargon – and I don’t suppose that will change any time soon.

But if you’re up to date on the latest lingo, there are ways as a VA to create opportunities for yourself.

One phrase that is more recent among the bigger players is ‘sales enablement’.

And because it’s jargon, nobody really knows what it means – until they go and look it up.Be the Enabler

One way of describing it would be ‘to support salespeople so they can do their job better’.

Typically, this covers three things: process, content and technology.

To me, that could apply to any size of business, not just the big players or the premium market.

Let’s take a look at the elements of enablement more closely.


is about the way the salesperson or sales team guides someone from ‘interested’ to paying client or customer.


is about having materials and resources to share with prospects. We’re talking about things like PDFs, email templates, automated message sequences, slide presentations and videos.


is, in the sales enablement context, usually a CRM system with bells on. In other words, more than just a customer relationship management tool.

It got me wondering how a VA might make use of this knowledge and turn it to their business advantage.

In my experience, the sales process usually seems to be based on promoting a product or service – and getting the prospect to buy it.

Apparently, that’s not the right way to go about things.

I understand from ‘enablement’ experts that the key to better success, i.e. more sales, is to understand the buyer’s journey and then match your sales process to that.

And simplify the stages, wherever you can.

Think about your ideal clients. How do they become your client? Once you know and understand that, you can make that journey easier for them.

If you’re having good conversations and closing a good proportion of your ‘sales’ or ‘discovery’ calls, you are probably already taking this approach. You may not even be aware of how you’re doing it. You’ll be more conscious of it, now.

Be the EnablerPart of that making the buyer’s journey easier might be having materials or resources you can show or share with people.

It could be a brochure, a PDF, a guide to hiring a VA or a menu of package pricing. It could be a presentation on PowerPoint, an infographic with relevant data or stats or a video about you help clients save time, money and hassle.

Once you’ve created the content it’s ready any time you need it. You’re not having to scramble about, apologise for not having anything to show or cobble something together in a mad hurry.

If you’re a little unsure of how to put together resources like this, you can always take a look at my online courses in Word or PowerPoint.

Technology is valuable when it can handle routine tasks, automate more of your process and save time.

As a VA, your skill and ability in Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 are akin to having a ‘sales, marketing and management machine’.

Imagine how appealing that is to a business if you can say all the following with confidence.

  • I can handle spreadsheets and work with complex data in Excel
  • I can create eBooks and lead magnets for you in Word
  • I can put together informative and persuasive presentations in PowerPoint
  • I can get your diary, calendar and week in order with ease in Outlook
  • I can get you and your team up to speed on how to use Teams
  • I can help with branding, design and infographics
  • I can handle your social media, from creating content to scheduling posts.

The more you know how to use the applications, the more work – and variety of work – you can go after.

It’s simply a twist on the phrase sales enablement.

When you have confidence in the tools
at your disposal, you are enabling yourself to attract more sales.

It gives you more choice, more freedom and more flexibility.

Sales enablement?

Yes, it’s a bit of jargon. But don’t let that jar. Instead, take the concept and run with it. Use it to your VA advantage.

Shelley Fishel