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VAs: 10 Ways to Ensure Your Infographics are Mobile Ready
Here are 10 ways to ensure that your Infographics are mobile ready. The fact is that mobile devices are what people[...]
10 reasons Why Infographics Work for VAs
As a Virtual Assitant you have many skills, and now might be the time to add "infographics" to your list[...]
VAs – How to Create a Visual Timeline in PowerPoint
Have you ever been asked to create a timeline in PowerPoint? If you have tried to create a timeline in[...]
VAs – PowerPoint is not just for Presentations!
VAs – PowerPoint is Not Just for Presentations! I thought that PowerPoint was just for Presentations! Yes, many people do[...]
VAs – Making Time Add Up in Excel
How do You Make Time Add Up? Do you use Excel to keep track of your time? Most VAs I[...]
VAs – Why Number Formats Matter in Excel
Why do Number Formats Matter? When working in Microsoft Excel you may have noticed that the data you enter does[...]
VAs – Do You Create Instagram Posts for Your Clients?
As a busy VA you find yourself tasked with many things by your clients and if you are one of the[...]
VAs – Why does the history of computing matter?
Day out in Cambridge A different kind of post today. Last Sunday we had a day out with our son[...]
VAs – Why use PowerPoint to create Infographics?
Do you create Infographics for your clients? Are you a media savvy VA? Do your clients ask you to create[...]
VAs – How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation from Scratch
Creating blank presentations In PowerPoint 2016 you can start from a completely blank presentation, a template provided by Microsoft, or[...]
VAs – How to add Headers and Footers in Excel
Headers and Footers Headers and footers appear on every printed page. This is how you add page numbers, date and[...]
Why you might be struggling with synchronising OneDrive for Business
Are you a busy VA or business owner who is using Office 365? You went down this route for various[...]
VAs: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Infographics
Are you a VA who is thinking about creating infographics to drive traffic back to your client's website or blog?[...]
Why I love working with Office 365 and you should too!
I love working with Office 365. Now you would think that as my business is as an IT Trainer helping[...]
What’s New at tomorrow’s VA?
Exciting times I set up tomorrow's VA to enable Virtual Assistants to hone their Microsoft Office skills and get more[...]
What every VA needs to know about dollar signs in Excel formula
You have just been sent a spreadsheet. It has been set up for you and you are eager to get[...]
Virtual Assistants – Why Autofill in Excel will save you hours
What is Autofill? Simply put, Autofill automatically fills a series of data whether that is a range of numbers, days[...]
Virtual Assistants – Everything you know about sums is wrong
How did you learn to write a sum at school? When you went to school you may have learned how[...]
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Who likes listening to a story – now you can with Read Aloud in Outlook 2016?
I don't know anyone who dislikes a story – being read to, or listening to a story on the radio[...]
How to see All Mail Items in Outlook 2016
Shelley – is there a way to see All Mail Items in Outlook? I used to use Lotus Notes and[...]
How to insert a copy of your calendar into an email
Insert a copy of your calendar You are talking to a new client and trying to arrange to meet up[...]
How to search for email in Outlook
How to search for email in Outlook Search for email You need to find an email. But – you can’t[...]
Get Focused with Boomerang
Boomerang your emails back to your inbox Who doesn't want more control over their inbox? I have a whole training[...]