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Do you want to create Infographics?

I have been very busy lately, recording courses and writing blog posts. After a while thinking about the content to write about leaves me banging my head on the desk (metaphorically speaking). So I started to think about Infographics. I realised that I like to see...

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Gain Insights into your data – new Excel feature

New Sign-in Experience The other day when I opened Microsoft Office I found that the screen that opens when you start has changed. It has changed across all of the Microsoft Office programs – however I am showing it here in this post about Microsoft Excel. Figure 1...

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Do you have a business process?

                                        I have been musing lately about my two businesses. I run a face to face IT Training Business - The IT Training Surgery and am setting up an online portal to deliver short sharp training sessions to VAs – tomorrow's VA I was...

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How do I find and work with a VA?

                                        A question I find that I am being asked at least once a week is – I know I need a VA as I am totally overwhelmed, but how do I know what she should do? This post is a response to that question and It is a composite post with...

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How to use Word 2016 like an Auto Cue

How to use Word like an Auto Cue I get asked questions from time to time and I love going off to see if I can answer them – here is a question I had from Kevin Arrow of The Business Success Dojo: Is it possible in office to have a document and when you read the...

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Which Office type are you?

Which office type are you? If asked, you would probably be able to place yourself and other VAs you know into different categories. You may have different names for the categories - how about the ones below? The Office Hero This person stands out in the crowd. They...

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Are you sitting properly?

Are you sitting properly? As a back sufferer, I know how important it is to sit properly. When sitting we place a lot of weight on the lower segments of the back - the lumbar spine. This can get locked into position and you become stiff and suffer pain. Here are some...

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Encrypting your email? Do you? Should you? How to?

Encrypting your email? Do you? Should you? How to? Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months and especially the last couple of weeks, you can't possibly have escaped the juggernaut that is GDPR. Most business people I know from Accountants to...

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Dictation in Word 2016 for Windows

New Dictation feature A new feature showed up on my Home Ribbon the other day. I was intrigued and decided to investigate. Here is a screen shot of the new Dictate Button. Hmm I thought does it do what it seems to suggest? I clicked and then the magic started: I am...

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How to Reuse PowerPoint Slides in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Reuse Slides in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac You are creating a presentation – for yourself or for someone else. You realise that you have already created slides that would be perfect. Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not reuse the slides you have already created. The...

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What kind of Microsoft Office do I need in my business?

What kind of Microsoft Office do I need in my business? I think there is some confusion about Windows and Microsoft Office.  I come across lots of people who get confused between Windows, Microsoft Ofifce , Home, Professional etc. The question frequently arises, what...

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How to see All Mail Items in Outlook 2016

Shelley – is there a way to see All Mail Items in Outlook? I used to use Lotus Notes and found this particular view really useful. I can't find it in Outlook – can you help? This is a question I have been asked many times, especially when migrating an organisation...

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