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VAs – Why Number Formats Matter in Excel

Why do Number Formats Matter? When working in Microsoft Excel you may have noticed that the data you enter does not have a Number Format when you first enter it, rather it has a General Format. You may be wondering why it matters what kind of format the data has....

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VAs – Do You Create Instagram Posts for Your Clients?

As a busy VA you find yourself tasked with many things by your clients and if you are one of the VAs who provide Social Media services and specifically Instagram Posts then what I am about to share with you will have you jumping up and down at your desk. You may think...

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VAs – Why does the history of computing matter?

Day out in Cambridge A different kind of post today. Last Sunday we had a day out with our son and daughter in law and their 19-month-old. We went to Cambridge for the day. It was a really fun day out. We went first to the Centre for Computing History. Now if there is...

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VAs – Why use PowerPoint to create Infographics?

Do you create Infographics for your clients? Are you a media savvy VA? Do your clients ask you to create Infographics to boost their social media campaigns? Do you spend ages researching the topics and the content for the Infographics and then comes the clincher, you...

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VAs – How to add Headers and Footers in Excel

Headers and Footers Headers and footers appear on every printed page. This is how you add page numbers, date and time, the file name and path and where you can add a logo to every page in the Header. Headers and Footers are added via the Page Layout View and are typed...

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VAs: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Infographics

Are you a VA who is thinking about creating infographics to drive traffic back to your client's website or blog? If you are, you'll love this handy Infographic on the mistakes that can be made when you create infographics. There's also a free infographic planning...

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Why I love working with Office 365 and you should too!

I love working with Office 365. Now you would think that as my business is as an IT Trainer helping you get more done in less time that I would say that wouldn't I? Well yes you would be right but – I genuinely do love working with Office 365 and I want to tell you...

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What’s New at tomorrow’s VA?

Exciting times I set up tomorrow's VA to enable Virtual Assistants to hone their Microsoft Office skills and get more done in less time. I have been diligently creating mini online training courses for hot topics in Microsoft Office. Today I am excited to announce...

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Do you want to create Infographics?

I have been very busy lately, recording courses and writing blog posts. After a while thinking about the content to write about leaves me banging my head on the desk (metaphorically speaking). So I started to think about Infographics. I realised that I like to see...

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Gain Insights into your data – new Excel feature

New Sign-in Experience The other day when I opened Microsoft Office I found that the screen that opens when you start has changed. It has changed across all of the Microsoft Office programs – however I am showing it here in this post about Microsoft Excel. Figure 1...

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Do you have a business process?

                                        I have been musing lately about my two businesses. I run a face to face IT Training Business - The IT Training Surgery and am...

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