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How PAs and VAs Can Use Office 365 To Be More Efficient

office 365 for VAs

There is a lot involved in the running of a football club. The public tends to hear about the players, the manager, the chairperson and the owners. Rarely, if ever, about those behind the scenes. People like the PA, for example. People like Karen. Here’s why her bosses believe she is one of their superstars…Karen […]

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Diary of a Virtual Assistant – making the move from in-house to virtual!

virtual assistant tips

Hi there, I’m Hannah, the Tomorrow’s VA diary maker, and I wanted to share with you all today the journey I took, and how it truly feels to move from working in a office for one or two bosses, to working from home and working for quite a few more! As a PA, or an […]

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Productivity in the Summer Months: Try This One Smart Trick to be More Productive Tomorrow

productivity tips for VAs

Want to be more productive tomorrow? Then leave a task half-finished tonight. It doesn’t sound like it would be a smart move but in fact it makes a lot of sense and is a very clever way to reduce the amount of time you spend procrastinating in the morning. Here we will look at why […]

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Virtual Assistant Hacks – The Secret Relationship between Coffee and IT Training

Beginning the VA journey

If you are like me, first you’ll be tempted to say, “Coffee is coffee. There is no relation between coffee and IT Training.” Well, allow me to tell you a story that will change your mind. It changed mine after one of our clients shared her story with me. Several years ago, Jill was a […]

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Do You Need IT Training to Become an Outstanding Virtual Assistant?

post it notes

Everyone knows that Virtual Assistant jobs have become very popular. The ability to work from home, manage your own career and choose the work that you really prefer to do make it a great move. However, there’s plenty of competition out there; making it harder and harder to become an outstanding Virtual Assistant with a […]

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Questions to help you turn enquiries into customers – the MVT principle

how to get more customers for my VA business

Do you know your MVT? Most Valuable Tasks are the ones that have the most beneficial impact in your organisation. You’ve heard of Pareto’s Principle – eighty percent of your revenues will be generated by twenty percent of your actions – the Pareto Principle can be applied to many aspects of the modern workplace. The […]

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Productivity in the summer months

how to be more productive as a VA

As the weather grows warmer, productivity in the workplace slows. Who wants to work in a stiffy office when the sun is shining? In this email I’m going to share how you can use Microsoft Office to stay productive throughout the summer months. Who says you have to work inside? Modern research indicates there are […]

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