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What do you do to improve your skills and your business?


What kind of learning do you undertake to improve your skills and your business? I have been doing a fair bit of personal development lately. Whatever I learn will benefit my business as the more I improve my skill set the better I will be at doing the things I need to do. It kind […]

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VAs – Why does the history of computing matter?

VAs history of computing

Day out in Cambridge A different kind of post today. Last Sunday we had a day out with our son and daughter in law and their 19-month-old. We went to Cambridge for the day. It was a really fun day out. We went first to the Centre for Computing History. Now if there is a […]

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Do you have a business process?

Do you have a business process

                                        I have been musing lately about my two businesses. I run a face to face IT Training Business – The IT Training Surgery and am setting up an online portal to deliver short sharp training […]

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Which Office type are you?

office type

Which office type are you? If asked, you would probably be able to place yourself and other VAs you know into different categories. You may have different names for the categories – how about the ones below? The Office Hero This person stands out in the crowd. They are passionate about their work, full of […]

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Are you sitting properly?

Are you sitting properly?

Are you sitting properly? As a back sufferer, I know how important it is to sit properly. When sitting we place a lot of weight on the lower segments of the back – the lumbar spine. This can get locked into position and you become stiff and suffer pain. Here are some points to consider […]

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Do you have a business process?

business process

Do you have a business process? Do you know how your business works? Where your clients come from and crucially what the steps are to turn that enquiry into a paying client? This whole journey can be turned into a process. First contact Could be via email or a phone call – where do you […]

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How to stay motivated at work


How to stay motivated at work Do you hear the alarm go off and jump out of bed, excited about the coming challenges or do you groan and roll over placing your head back under the pillow? We’ve all had mornings like that, but what happens when every day seems to be a morning like […]

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Questions to help you turn enquiries into customers – the MVT principle

how to get more customers for my VA business

Do you know your MVT? Most Valuable Tasks are the ones that have the most beneficial impact in your organisation. You’ve heard of Pareto’s Principle – eighty percent of your revenues will be generated by twenty percent of your actions – the Pareto Principle can be applied to many aspects of the modern workplace. The […]

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