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VAs: Create Traffic Driving Infographics for Your Clients

If you're a virtual assistant that creates blog posts and helps get traffic to your client websites, then you'll love this Infographic Training Course.

I'll show you how to create traffic pulling infographics using Microsoft Office tools. When you do this training you'll wonder how you've not done this sooner!

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VAs – Making Time Add Up in Excel

Make time add up

How do You Make Time Add Up? Do you use Excel to keep track of your time? Most VAs I know use some sort of time tracking software which notes what they do. It can be a professional online piece of software which does all kinds of things from tracking your time to monitoring which […]

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What’s New at tomorrow’s VA?

Excel Training

Exciting timesI set up tomorrow’s VA to enable Virtual Assistants to hone their Microsoft Office skills and get more done in less time. I have been diligently creating mini online training courses for hot topics in Microsoft Office. Today I am excited to announce that there are now two Excel courses. Well, when I say two, […]

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How can Matt find joy analysing Data with Excel?

data analysing

How can Matt find joy analysing Data with Excel? Matt was a marketing executive who had recently started in a new London firm. Part of his role was to collect and analyse market research data and present the findings to a team meeting each week. He loved his job as a creative team player and […]

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How Jill could save time by filtering data

show filtered data

How Jill could use the filter button to save time! Remember Jill? She has been wasting so much time. Up to 4 hours on just one task every week! Could be even more to be honest. If Jill had learned just this one thing it would have cut down her time wasting significantly. Filtering data […]

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