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The Box Set – Not Just For Entertainment

The Box Set – Not Just For Entertainment

Box set and binge-watching are back with a bang.

We’ll talk about how that could create opportunities for the smarter VA in a moment.

First, just take a look at what’s happening out there as a result of recent global lockdowns.

Streaming service Netflix saw a huge spike in subscriptions in its most recent quarter. Across the globe, it added 15.7 million paying customers to its books. Worldwide membership has topped 180 million.The box set not just for entertainment

Amazon Prime is fast catching up, with around 150 million subscribers. The service not only offers TV shows and films but also next-day delivery and food delivery options.

Disney+ has almost doubled its global subscribers since the coronavirus outbreak, up to around 50 million people. And you can bet Apple TV is seeing some gains, too.

One of the biggest benefits of these streaming services is that customers can view what they want when they want, where they want. On their smart TV, laptop, tablet device or smartphone.

People can watch single episodes at a time or binge-watch an entire season all in one go.

We live in a world where many have a box set mindset.

And that’s not just in people’s living rooms. It is also a factor in boardrooms and businesses.

No longer enough to say “I’m competent” in Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint”. Companies want their teams, especially when working remotely, to be able to share ideas, solve problems, give instant feedback and work together in synch.

Bosses want their people to have the ‘box set’ of skills, knowledge and know-how to keep things moving. To stay afloat or to stay ahead.

That mentality will be the same when they work with external professionals, such as VA’s.

They will expect you to know how to use the full G Suite or the box set of Microsoft 365 applications and tools. These days, the latter is also likely to include the Microsoft Teams communications and collaboration hub.

If you are on top of how to complete tasks and make the technology simplify your clients’ lives, you are going to be in demand.

Create your own box set

There are also opportunities to package up your services, whether general or specialised. All delivered without any drama, naturally. It’s certainly worth giving it some thought.

When you look back and analyse it, things were always going to move this way. The global pandemic simply accelerated it all to this point.

The box set not just for entertainmentVirtual team working. Remote working. Online collaboration. Online meetings. Online presentations. These will be part of the ‘new normal’, long after these strange times are past.

You may also have noticed how people have been using their time at home to learn something new. You cannot move around social media without seeing a post or ad about the latest online course for almost any topic under the sun.

Sadly, many of these pieces of training will have been dashed together in a rush, in an attempt to jump on the bandwagon and ‘cash in’ on any opportunity to make a quick buck. Do make sure you choose wisely.

Some professional trainers, like myself, have been providing online courses and training for many, many years.

You can see for yourself all the individual Microsoft 365 topics I cover.

Each online course offers a step-by-step video guide to the essentials for each application. No padding, no waffle. Just the things you really ought to know how to do.

You can learn when you want, where you want, how you want. Just like streaming your favourite show.

Do I have a box set available with every single episode of learning in it?

Of course, I do. It’s the complete set of my online courses. It’s where you will find everything together in one place and it’s called Tomorrow’s VA Hub – also known by some as ‘The Fully Monty’

Watch and learn in any order. Dip into what you need or fancy first. Or go through it systematically, ‘season by season’.

There’s even an option to pay in US Dollars if you prefer.

Popcorn anyone?

Shelley Fishel

Microsoft 365 – Did you notice the subtle change?

Microsoft 365 – Did you notice the subtle change?

If you are one of the eagle-eyed you may have noticed the recent change to Microsoft 365 made by the tech giant.

It’s a subtle bit of rebranding yet has implications for those who use its applications, including VA’s.Microsoft 365 - Did you notice the subtle change?

Microsoft has replaced the word ‘Office 365’ in product titles with ‘Microsoft 365’.

The company says it reflects its drive for innovation. But it also acts as a statement to tell the world that things have moved on.

This is a time when companies, entrepreneurs and small business owners demand more than a bunch of single applications to do their work, develop and grow. They want connectivity, they want productivity, they want flexibility. They want to be able to collaborate, communicate and collate information with speed and ease.

It’s one of the reasons Microsoft Teams has become such a popular part of the Microsoft family and why I created an online course
to master it. It is a purpose-built communication and collaboration tool.

As more and more companies, teams, groups, organisations and entrepreneurs turn to Teams, the greater will be the demand for VA’s who are up to speed with it all.

You can up your game and take a slice of the action. Or you can sit still and watch as the world rushes past you.

Of course, Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint are still valuable on their own merit. What VA can manage without them?

But the nuanced Microsoft 365 rebranding is telling you how they see the future. Integrated technology with a move towards an ‘all in one’ suite of features and functions for the modern professional.

  • Collaboration. Collaboration. Collaboration.
  • Integration. Integration. Integration.
  • Communication. Communication. Communication.

You’re going to be hearing a lot more of these three words in the year ahead.

Here are the new Microsoft 365 product names you’ll be hearing about from now on:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials has become Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Office 365 Business Premium is now called Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business has become Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft regularly tests and adds new features and functionality to its subscription products, often based on what users say they want to see.

Microsoft 365 - Did you notice the subtle change?This means you have more power at your fingertips, year on year on year. But it also means there are new things to learn.

The smart VA knows the importance of keeping pace with technology and understanding how it can serve their business better. The less you have to worry yourself about the “How do I do this?”, the more you can focus on the question of “How can I serve my clients in a better way?”

The writing has been on the wall for some time now. Microsoft 365, with that subtle change of wording, confirms that those who know how to collaborate and communicate effectively will be ahead of the pack.

Where do you want to be positioned in all this?

It may help you to know How to Use Microsoft Teams sooner rather than later.

If you’re thinking a better understanding of Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint is what you need, you could pick an online course from my dedicated range.

To your VA success.

Shelley Fishel