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Episode 4 – Virtually Amazing with Simon Graves

Episode 4 – Virtually Amazing with Simon Graves

This Episode

Simon Graves

You Will Learn

  • Things to consider when building your website
  • Why you need to plan , plan and plan again
  • What different platforms have to offer – or not.

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Episode 4 - Virtually Amazing with Simon Graves

Our Guest – Simon Graves

I’m happy to report that I am one of the few human and personable ‘web’ guys left in existence.  There are no automated chatbots here. 

Nothing but honest, unbiased, help and support.  And no nerdy tech stuff either.  I make it a point to explain everything in a way that even your granny could understand! 


My mission in business is to be that guy who provides professional online services, available and affordable to all, but primarily focussed towards new start-ups and those who have limited budgets. 


My passion is not only providing these services using the WordPress framework (which still amazes me every day), but by doing so in a way that educates others in how they can use it to maximise their business potential. 

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Episode 4 – Virtually Amazing with Simon Graves

Welcome to Episode 4

This week we are in discussion with Simon Graves – Your WordPress Guy. We all need a website and it is good to talk to someone who knows what they are doing.

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Shelley and Jo find out all about Simon’s business. Why planning is paramount and what you need to think about when building your VA website – and it’s not what you think.

We learn what the extra qualities are that make Simon’s clients sing his praises and then Shelley and Jo have a chat about our tool of the week – Yoest for SEO.



[03:10 ] Meet Simon and find out what he does and how being a business coach has helped him

[04:33 ] Simon talks about why he focuses on WordPress support only for small business a market he believes that needs professional service

[06:30 ] Jo chose WordPress to stay in control of her content and platform

[09:32] Simon says make sure you plan where you are going so that you know what you need and find the right place.

[10:14] as a DIY website builder you are paying with time if not with money

[1:25] Shelley asks what is the absolute minimum a new VA needs and Simon talks about the biggest question you need to ask before you start – what is the purpose of the website?

[12:46] Once you have a complete plan of what you want your site to be you can then decide which platform to go for. Bonus – if you cannot execute your own plan you can hand it off to a developer as you have a tight brief.

[14:30] with some of the other systems they are all about the front end and what they look like, no control over speed or SEO for example

[16:29] Can you really build a website in an hour?

[19:11] All about having the mindset of the client or potential client and showing that you are the best person to work with and can do what you say along wtih Social Proof. Case Studies and testimonials

[21:45]  All for the niche

[23:08]  Jo agrees and gets passionate!

[26:12] Simon’s USP is his business background – asks good questions

[29:56] 75% of project time is in the planning says Jo

[31:29] Added functionality – discuss – make sure in your plan you know what you are going to want now and, in the future,

[33:24 ] Simon tells us about his One Offer a useful way to get started with a 5-page templated website

[42.25] Shelley and Jo talk about SEO and Yeost in particular



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Episode 3 Virtually Amazing with Jennifer Corcoran

Episode 3 Virtually Amazing with Jennifer Corcoran

This Episode

Jennifer Corcoran

You Will Learn

  • What the best way to network on Linked In is
  • What the difference is between free and paid 
  • Why you should optimise your profile
  • Who you should connect with on Linked In

Resources & Links

Episode 3 Virtually Amazing with Jennifer Corcoran

Jennifer Corcoran

Jennifer is more than a skilled social media scheduler or self-pronounced “Expert”. Her talent and hard work are evident in her list of qualifications and awards, making her one of the UK’s most successful LinkedIn trainers.  Her expertise is evident in her list of prestigious awards such as Social Media Influencer of the Year.  Jennifer has been spotlighted in national campaigns such as F-Entrepreneur and recently held 1st place on the #LinkedInROCKSTARS list. 

Amazing Contact Info

Welcome to Episode 3

This week we welcome Jennifer Corcoran to the Podcast. Jennifer is well known as My Super Connector. An absolute font of knowledge about LinkeIn and a Social Media Rockstar.

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, learn the best way to to network on Linked In, what the difference is between the free and paid versions plus why your Linked In profile needs to be optimised.

We also talk about who should be on Linked In and who to connect with.

Our app of the week is Promo Republic, find out why Shelley loves it so much.

Special bonus:

50% off LinkedIn Profile Success Program until June 30th 2020:
LinkedIn Profile Success Program

Please use coupon code: HALFOFFLPS2020



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Join Jennifer for the LinkedIn Lockdown Summit on June 8th – it’s FREE! 

Sign up Here 

Episode 3 Virtually Amazing with Jennifer Corcoran

Episode 2 – Virtually Amazing with Tristan Martin

Episode 2 – Virtually Amazing with Tristan Martin

This Episode

Tristan Martin

You Will Learn

  • Tristan’s Top 5 tips for securing your tech.

Resources & Links

Episode 2 - Virtually Amazing with Tristan Martin

Our Guest – Tristan Martin

Tristan Martin of TL Martin Ltd has been running his IT company for over 17 years, all his clients coming to him from word of mouth. Having graduated with BEng (Hons) Internet Technology he went on to do a PGCE in Internet Communications Technology, he taught ICT and quickly became Deputy Head of the ICT Department.

Today, Tristan divides his time between setting up and managing safe IT systems for SMEs which include server and network installations and training staff on GDPR for IT and general IT security.

Tristan’s experience spans working with sole traders to national companies, taking over IT systems and setting up a new system for a national call handling company. Tristan is a big business networker and was nominated for the Networker of The Year Award in the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards 2017, this nomination no doubt came about from his passion to help others.

Tristan has worked with DOS, Windows 3-10, Apple Mac and Windows Server computers as well as tablets and mobile phones, this has also included a wide variety of software applications and hardware issues. To date Tristan has yet to find a computer problem that cannot be solved.

Tristan’s philosophy of making the computers work for the individual, rather than the individual working for the computer, is both refreshing and practical, his training is informative and fun.

In the world of Tristan – the computers always say YES!

Resources & Links

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Virtually Amazing the Podcast – episode 2!

This week we are chatting with Tristan Martin of TLMartin Ltd about all things tech.

Tristan has an IT support company and he works with VAs and totally understands their needs.


Show Notes

In this week’s packed episode we talk Security – all things securing your laptop and your internet use and why it is so important.

Tristan shares his top 5 tips plus a Bonus tip with us and we both learn loads.

For the app of the week we discuss Lastpass but before that Shelley talks Browsers…





06:03    Why Encrypting your laptop is so important

06:39 OH No! A data breach!

07:30 An 8 year old can hack your computer!

09:00 Why Jo got her laptop from Tristan and what to expect

12:00 We talk Internet Security and what you need to do to stay safe online.

17:00 Business or Home Versions ?

19:30 It’s just like insuring your Car

20:00  Free tools – should you use them and why Shelley gets hot under the collar

27:30 How to keep passwords secure

28:30 Password groups – rather a good idea

33:00 Why you need a Dead Mans Switch

28:30 What to think about when buying a computer

36:00  Stay with what you know – don’t run after bright shiny new objects

37:00  How much should you expect to spend? Tristan recommends….

40:00  Bonus Tip!



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Episode 1 – Virtually Amazing with Amanda Johnson

Episode 1 – Virtually Amazing with Amanda Johnson

This Episode

Amanda Johnson

You Will Learn

  • Why working in your Pyjamas is a NoNo
  • The three things you need to focus on as a new VA
  • The same things you need to focus on as an existing VA

Resources & Links


Episode 1 - Virtually Amazing with Amanda Johnson

Our Guest – Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson of VACT Limited, is a multi-award winning Virtual Assistant Coach, Trainer and Mentor who offers a hybrid of coaching, training and mentoring to individuals with an admin background to become Virtual Assistants or established Virtual Assistants to have better businesses.

Amanda and VACT recently launched the new VA Training Academy® which has 3 main offerings; the long established VA Mastery Course, the VA Membership both accredited by the CPD Standards Office for professional development and one to one coaching – where she helps clients her clients to brainstorm brilliance, bounce ideas off one another, to be accountable and to receive guidance/training.

Anyone who has met, Amanda either online or in person, will agree she is passionate about “Creating Exceptional VA’s.” All of the VACT training courses and mentoring options, are underpinned by Amanda’s core values and are designed to support and fit around you, your current work commitments, your individual circumstances including family commitments and your budget.

Amanda would describe herself as “I am at my happiest when I am inspiring, challenging and supporting others” however, her clients love her for her “no-nonsense, honest and direct approach to helping others.” Her brand may be magenta pink and battle ship grey but she is not pink and fluffy in the slightest!

A military veteran, Amanda is an ex-Royal Navy Logistics Officer, whose military career spanned 23 years and covered a wide range of secretarial and logistic duties. Married to Andrew and  mum to 2 gorgeous boys (James and Jacob), she is based on the outskirts of the New Forest in Ringwood, Hampshire, UK but supports her clients across the world.

If you would like to learn more about building and growing an awesome Virtual Assistant business or connect with Amanda – you can do so by reaching out on any of the following links:

VACT website to answer all questions VA related including lots of freebies to help you build and grow

Amazing Contact Info


Welcome to Virtually Amazing – The Podcast for Virtual Assistants.

Tune in as Jo and I chat about our work, interview our expert guests and VAs and talk about our tool or tip of the week.

We are thrilled to have Amanda Johnson, of VACT with us for our inaugural interview. You are in for a treat with lots of useful information as we talk through what a new or existing VA needs to think about.


Show Notes

In our inaugural episode we discuss the world of work, will it ever get back to normal? Amanda talks about the three main things new VAs should think about when setting up a VA business and perhaps not surprisingly it is not that much different now!

We also talk about relationship building, knowing your clients, and why you need to go to work and come home and get out of your PJS.


[03:04 ] Find out what Amanda says to new VAs setting up right now and at any time

[05:04] Will the world of work return to normal?

[08:40 ] PWC study – looks interesting

[10:18 ] Should you work in your PJs?

[11:23] Do you have a go to work and come home from work activity?

[13:56] Is Jo diciplined?

[15:46 ] Where are your client’s emails?

[19:49 ] Why boundaries are important.

[20:39] Should you have a domain specific email address?

[22:22 ] Shelley says know your customers

[22:59 ] The evolvement of Jo

[24:23 ] To niche or not to niche – that is the question

[26:44 ] Shelley asks whether you need to enjoy what you do

[27:07 ] Relationship building

[29:26 ] Amanda’s last word

[31:59 ] We talk communication



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