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VAs: Create Traffic Driving Infographics for Your Clients

If you're a virtual assistant that creates blog posts and helps get traffic to your client websites, then you'll love this Infographic Training Course.

I'll show you how to create traffic pulling infographics using Microsoft Office tools. When you do this training you'll wonder how you've not done this sooner!

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Navigate Your Way to Success this Black Friday Weekend

Navigate Bundle

Hello Hello! Do you want to Navigate Your Way to Success? It has been Black Friday all over the internet. Did you ignore it? Did you grab a bargain? I did, I was greedy and grabbed two bargains! Bargain One One is a new Kitchen Aid mixer. I love my current Kitchen Aid but it […]

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Do you want to create Infographics?


I have been very busy lately, recording courses and writing blog posts. After a while thinking about the content to write about leaves me banging my head on the desk (metaphorically speaking). So I started to think about Infographics. I realised that I like to see them and tend to click on them to see […]

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Make Significant Savings With Improved Productivity & Performance


Make Significant Savings With Improved Productivity & Performance The advantages of a cloud-based system over a physical hardware-based one are clear in terms of reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs. But you also want a system which delivers for the people who are using it most – you, your colleagues and clients. Office 365 offers powerful […]

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Does a Virtual Assistant need IT Training to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

Everybody knows that behind every successful manager or company director, you’ll find an organised, efficient Virtual Assistant. Business owners actively lean on their VA, confident that work will be taken care of, in their absence. Virtual Assistants’ tasks and skills can often be divided into technical expertise and personal skills. Robert Half, named to Forbes […]

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Why did Ed use on-line training to boost his Microsoft Office Skills?

online training

Why did Ed use on-line training to boost his Microsoft Office Skills? Ed decided to take the plunge and set up his own business as a Business Management Consultant. He knew that he would have to be prepared to don a number of different hats in his working day from now on, at a moment’s […]

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How to be more productive in the office

How to be more productive in the office It’s a well-known fact that office workers tend to procrastinate in the working environment. With so many distractions, it’s easy to allow your mind to wander in the workplace, ensuring even the most basic of administrative tasks take far longer than necessary. Whether you work alone at […]

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How using technology in the workplace can improve performance

technology in the workplace

How using technology in the workplace can improve performance I was talking to my husband the other day. He is an Accountant and uses his computer all day long. Here are some of the things he and his staff use: Excel Sage Word Tax Software Payroll Software I asked him: Does using technology in the […]

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The Ultimate Tech System for VAs


The Ultimate Tech System for VAs Congratulations! You have started out in business. You have decided what to call yourself and now your thoughts turn to how you are going to work and what you need to work with/on. I am often asked : What kind of computer should I get – a desktop or […]

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Organise Your Workspace for Better Workplace Performance


Tips for Organizing Your Workspace for Better Workplace Performance Did you know that how your workspace is organized has a powerful effect on your mind and your performance? Wherever you’re working, one of your biggest challenges is to create a workspace that makes you as efficient as possible and increases your productivity. Do you ever […]

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What is YOUR business style?

business style

Document styles? Clients’ Style Documents documents documents. Your clients are sending you documents right left and centre. Each one is different. A report on this, a letter for that a newsletter and the list goes on. Each client will want their document to go out in their own style. One will want headings in Blue […]

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Valentine’s day – show yourself some love and be more productive

101 wasys to be more productive

101 ways to be more productive Valentine’s Day – time to show our loved ones how much we cared – but how much do you care about yourself? Would being more productive help, you do more of the things you enjoy? I have put together a list of 101 ways to be more productive – […]

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Communication – which way to you communicate?


Communication   Which way do you communicate? This is a topic I have been thinking of for a while. Especially in this day and age of remote working and remote families. In days gone by, if your children, or siblings went to live in another country the odds of you seeing them any time soon […]

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