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VAs –  Tired of switching between documents? Show them Side by Side

VAs – Tired of switching between documents? Show them Side by Side

You know the drill. You are working on a document or rather there are two. You need to copy some things from one to the other maybe its text or a picture. Normally you would have the two documents open and use the task bar to switch between them. Did you know you can view the two documents side by side? Thought not. It is something that is not widely used and is very useful.

How to view two documents Side by Side in Word (on Windows)

Start off by opening the first document to work on. Then open the second document to work on.

Click on the View Ribbon and then the icon View Side by Side (it may be really tiny)

Word will ask you which documents to show side by side –

In this example I have open – this document (Document3) the document on screen is 10 Tips for Faster Working in Excel 2016 and the document open in the dialogue box is 10 Tips for Faster Working in Excel for Mac. I want to display the two tip documents side by side to compare them, so I will choose the 10 Excel Tips for Faster Working for Mac from the list.

Nest Word will open both documents side by side

When you open them, Word will also switch on Synchronous Scrolling so that as you scroll through one document you stay in the same place on the other. You can turn this off if you want by clicking on the icon.

So, what do you think of this week’s tip? Useful? How will you use it? Leave a comment below!





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10 reasons Why Infographics Work for VAs

10 reasons Why Infographics Work for VAs

As a Virtual Assitant you have many skills, and now might be the time to add “infographics” to your list of skills and services. Why? Because infographics are an important part of any well-rounded content strategy and massive drivers of traffic to your client’s website.10 reasons why infographics work for vas

It doesn’t matter what type of information you want to share; an infographic is a great way to do it. The main reason is that everyone’s brains are wired to learn things differently, but most people learn better if they have a combination of visual information (such as images), text, and interaction. That’s why most people use some sort of visual cues during a speech or presentation.

Why Use Infographics in Your Content Strategy?

  1. We Are Visual Beings – Most of the research available shows that people retain information better if they can get a visual picture of it in their mind. Infographics help develop that visual picture of data that makes it easier to understand and remember.
  2. They Don’t Need Explaining – When an infographic is created correctly, there is no added explanation needed. The infographic will stand on its own as complete information and can be shared as-is without explanation.
  3. Easy to Share on Social Networks – Because of their visual and compact nature, like most image-based information they share better than text. Most people won’t share a Facebook update that doesn’t involve an image.
  4. They Can Go Viral – While infographics may not go as viral as the bathing cats, they can go viral enough within your industry. They are fabulous conversation starters and can even be controversial.
  5. They’re More Engaging – Because they have nice images, connected to data and text, they’re a lot more engaging. Some infographics are even interactive. It depends on how much you want to put into them, but they can make someone laugh, cry, or think depending on how the data is arranged.
  6. You Can Reach Your Client’s Target Audience Better – Everyone creates audience personas. But the truth is, we usually have more than one persona per audience, and an infographic gives us the opportunity to reach more of this audience.
  7. They Spread Awareness about Your Client’s Brand – If you put your mark on your infographics, they’ll also spread awareness about your brand and boost your expertise status. Most infographics are  data-centred so if you show you know your stuff, it helps your audience get to know your brand.
  8. They’re Simple to Create – With a little training you can create an infographic in minutes !
  9. Easy to Share in Multiple Ways – Infographics can be put on a website via an embed code, shared directly on social media, emailed or printed out. They work in multiple ways, so they’re easy to share across all platforms.
  10. They Bring More Traffic to Your Website – When you put a watermark on your infographics and make sure your infographic has a landing page, you’ll get a lot more traffic to your website. More traffic means more sales.

Infographics work because people like looking at them. They are easy to understand and contain information that your audience needs. And they’re simple to share.

Ready to add infographics to your services?

Take our course – How to Create Infographics Using PowerPoint to add this valuable skill to your toolbox.

Delegate Access in Outlook  – Manage someone else’s calendar

Delegate Access in Outlook – Manage someone else’s calendar

Manage someone else’s calendar

Today’s post is written because of a question I was asked on LinkedIN last week. I thought it would help others if I created a post on the topic.

You know how it is. You are managing your boss or client’s Inbox and/or Calendar. They want you to set up meetings on their behalf and they don’t want the bother of accepting them – they would prefer you to receive the meeting responses. If they set up their own meetings, they still want you to handle the replies.

Now you could of course send the meetings from your own calendar, but then your calendar will be totally clogged up with your boss or client’s meetings.

Much better if you are a delegate which gives you control over what happens in the Inbox/Calendar you manage.

Delegate Access

  1. Click the File Menu
  2. Then select Account Settings
  3. From the drop down choose Delegate Access

Figure 1

You are now prompted to select the person to make into your delegate – click Add to select them form the list

Figure 2

Figure 3

Now tell Outlook what they can do

Figure 4

In this case Lisa can edit my Calendar and My task list but not my Inbox, Contacts, or Notes

Note – the two tick boxes under the permissions.

Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions – this will let Lisa know that she has been made a delegate and what she can do

Delegate can see my private items – If you make private appointments on your boss or client’s behalf unless this is ticked you will not be able to see them on the calendar as they will be marked private.

Who replies to meeting requests?

Figure 5

Three Options

  1. My delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me (recommended)
  2. My delegates only
  3. My delegates and me

My delegates only – with a copy to me

When the first option is selected, the person who is the delegate receives all meeting requests that are sent to me and replies on my behalf. I get a copy of the meeting request – so it goes in my calendar but my delegate (in this case Lisa) will respond. Here is what it looks like in my Inbox. Note that it says that my delegate has not responded.

Figure 6

In the calendar it looks like this

Figure 7

Note that I can respond if I want to. But I can safely leave it to Lisa to sort it out.

My delegates only

In this case I won’t see the meeting request until Lisa has accepted it and the meeting appears in my calendar.

Here is the meeting request in Lisa’s Inbox- note that is received for Shelley Fishel

Figure 8

My delegates and me

In this case both Lisa and I will receive a fully functional meeting request and either one of us can reply in from the Inbox.

In summary

When you make someone a delegate you are giving them permission to receive and reply to calendar meeting requests. You can also give them the ability to send email on your behalf.

Remember you can decide whether they can see your private items.

Permissions are set from the client/boss

Remember also that permissions are set by the boss or client. The person who wants you to manage their diary or Inbox must give you the required delegate access.

Open other users’ folder

If your boss or client has given you permission to view their Inbox or Calendar via Folder Permissions, then you will be able to open them in your local Outlook desktop app.

Here is how:

File Open & Export – Other users folder

Figure 9

Then type in the email address of the account whose folder you wish to open

Figure 10

Then the other Inbox will open

Figure 11

I can now reply in Lisa’s Inbox and decide if I am replying as Lisa or as myself.

Figure 12

I hope that this has helped with decluttering your or your boss/client folder.

Let me know what you think of this and if it has changed the way you work.

What’s It Like to Work With a Software Trainer?

Working 1-2-1 with a software trainer really up levels your skills. In this quick video you’ll hear from Jo Brianti…

Now you’ve seen what working with a software trainer can do for your productivity you might be thinking that you need to start saving!

What if there was a more economical way to access my 20+ Years as a Microsoft Office expert? Would you be curious to know what this way is?

When it comes to training and development, the way I see it is you have 3 options…

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  2. Stay where you are right now, earning what you are right now and perhaps sabotaging your own potential
  3. Make the small investment in the tomorrow’s VA training courses.

Imagine for a moment working at a faster pace than you currently are. Imagine not feeling so rushed. Think about what it will be like to have a break and not have to worry about the budget or what you’re spending.

When you increase your skills and productivity you’ll find that you’ll get more done, earn more and therefore do more of the things you love.

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