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Get my FREE User Guide – How to Use Mail Merge in Word 2016

Create eBooks and Lead Magnets with Ease

How to Use Mail Merge in Word 2016 –  Free User GuideDo you feel like the image above when you need to mail merge a whole bunch of people? Makes your head ache right? Where do you start and what kind of merge do you do and what is this Mail Merge thing anyway? Well I […]

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Why do you need a lead magnet?

Create eBooks and Lead Magnets with Ease

First off – what is a Lead Magnet? A Lead Magnet is something that helps you to grow your email list. If you are selling a product or a service, then you will be growing your list of people to sell to. Subscribers to your list are already interested in what you have to say […]

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How to use Word 2016 like an Auto Cue

Auto Cue

How to use Word like an Auto Cue I get asked questions from time to time and I love going off to see if I can answer them – here is a question I had from Kevin Arrow of The Business Success Dojo: Is it possible in office to have a document and when you […]

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Dictation in Word 2016 for Windows

Dictation in Word 2016

New Dictation feature A new feature showed up on my Home Ribbon the other day. I was intrigued and decided to investigate. Here is a screen shot of the new Dictate Button. Hmm I thought does it do what it seems to suggest? I clicked and then the magic started: I am now at dictating. […]

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How to add a cover page to Word 2016 for Windows

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

Finish off your report with a Cover Page You have written a large brilliant report and you need a cover page to finish it off. Word helpfully comes with an option to add a cover page. Not only can you add one of the pre-designed cover pages, you can modify them to suit your needs […]

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How to use AutoText in Word 2016 for Windows

AutoText Word 2016 Windows

AutoText AutoText is one of my favourite time saving features. When you have standard text that you need to type on a regular basis AutoText can help. Your sign off or perhaps you have several paragraphs you need to use on a rotational basis. Instead of creating a template and deleting out what you don’t […]

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How to use Autocorrect in Word 2016 Windows

autocorrect Windows

  How to get your computer to correct your habitual spelling mistakes! Autocorrect is one of those things that works in the background and you may not even realise that it is there. Have you ever typed a word like the like this -teh – I bet you have not! That would be because Word […]

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How Jennifer learned the joy of Styles


Or – how can a VA get their work done in less time? Jennifer –  One of her clients was  a City accountancy practice and she was commissioned the task of collating a large number of reports from different departments within the business. However, ‘collating’ was really not the task at all, as all the […]

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How to assign keyboard shortcuts to Word heading styles to speed things up

Heading Styles

How to Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Word Heading Styles Here you are writing your magnum opus, or a very large report for the boss! As you write you apply Heading Styles to the headings so that an Automatic Table of Contents can be generated, and the document is structured. If you are a fast typist, […]

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Writing well presented letters


Writing Well Presented Letters Any communication that you send out for your business is a representation of who you are and the kind of service you deliver. You want to make sure that your communications look professional, are readable and are spelt correctly! There is nothing worse than a letter full of spelling mistakes which […]

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Do you write blog posts for your clients?

Shelley – is there a way to use Microsoft Word to publish my blog? Are you a busy VA? Has one of your clients asked you to write blog posts  and then publish them? Or perhaps they have given you the content and you must upload it to WordPress and Style it? Tedious isn’t it? […]

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