The growth of podcasts and podcasting presents a number of opportunities for the smarter VA. Could you be a podcasting superhero?

The three most obvious ways to tap into the trend are these.

  1. Specialise as a podcasting VA
  1. Be a guest on relevant podcasts
  1. Create your own podcast

Let’s take a look at all three.

1. Specialise as a Podcasting VA

As someone who launched a podcast this year, I can tell you that there is a lot of work that goes into it.

There is research, planning, the logistics of booking guests, recording, editing, post-production, publishing, social media promotion and more.

With Virtually Amazing – The Podcast for Virtual Assistants I am fortunate. I have a strong technical background so the editing and putting each episode together is not difficult. It just takes time.

And I have a co-presenter, Jo Brianti, who helps me with the show.

Not everybody has the know-how or time to do everything involved in podcasting. Which is great news for the VA who wants to specialise.

You can promote yourself as a Podcasting VA.

It’s human nature for people to want their podcast to be the best it can be. To be good quality. To get heard.

Naturally, you can cover the basics. Things like doing research, social media scheduling and managing comments, feedback and questions.

But there is a whole host of other tasks you could take off the hands of a podcast creator.

  • Schedule and re-schedule appointments with guests
  • Gather biographical information and headshots
  • Setting up and testing podcasting equipment
  • Briefing guests about the show’s format
  • Edit the episode for timing and quality
  • Create a transcript of the show
  • Add intro/outro music
  • Convert the audio file into a format ready for publishing
  • Add show notes
  • Add tags for SEO
  • Create a blog post for the website
  • Schedule social media content to promote the show

You can also demonstrate your value by suggesting ideas for the podcast, guests to interview and recommending upgrade solutions as the whole thing grows.

2. Be a Guest on a Relevant Podcast

Could you be a podcasting superhero?If you have knowledge, experience and skills to share, you could be a perfect guest for somebody’s show.

You’re not restricted to appearing on podcasts about Virtual Assistants.

If you’re just setting out on your VA journey you may have something to contribute to a show about start-up businesses.

If you are juggling being a VA with bringing up a family, people podcasting about mumpreneurs might be interested in your story.

If you are working within a specific industry or niche, you could be a great guest for a podcast which covers that sphere.

Start jotting down some ideas. Ask your friends to think about shows which might want to invite you on to share your story, knowledge.


3. Create Your Own Podcast

If the technical side of podcasting is a breeze for you, why not consider creating your own?

This could work particularly well if you are a specialist VA or work in a specific niche, field or industry.

It may be a way for you to get known better, and to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in that area.

You can start with simple software you may already use and keep expenses low.

You can use your organisational, tech and social media skills to piece it all together.

You could also do as I have done with Virtually Amazing, and find a co-presenter or podcasting partner to share the workload – and share the fun.

Think about what you want to talk about. Think about your audience. Think about what they would want to know or hear about.

With my podcast, it has not been all about Microsoft 365. It’s been a much broader look at how to set up and run your VA business.

Topics covered so far have included:

  • How to overcome Procrastination and be MORE Productive
  • GDPR compliance and contracts
  • The best way to do Networking on LinkedIn
  • Building your VA Website
  • Keeping on top of your ‘To Do’ List
  • The future for the VA industry
  • How to batch content writing for your blog
  • Tips on writing website copy and story-based marketing
  • Options and recommendations for resources and tech solutions

I get to share tech tips about using the applications in Microsoft 365 a VA gets to use. By bringing in guest experts, I can offer much, much more for my audience.

Podcasting typically ends up on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms. But you’re not restricted to audio-only. We record Virtually Amazing on video as well, which means people can find us on YouTube as well.

It’s not for everyone but the opportunities are out there. If you have the skills and knowledge, make the most of it.

Shelley Fishel