When a person or company is looking to hire, they are going to have questions in their mind.

It’s only natural.

Those questions might be like this.Do you do this?

What do I need to get sorted? What information do I need? What do I want to get clear on before I make a decision?

Or there may be other questions which are important to them.

They want answers.

They may search the internet, they may land on your website or they may contact you after being referred by a friend or client.

A good way to provide information and answers is through FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.

You are most likely to provide this on your website, perhaps as a click-to-view drop-down menu or even via a chatbot. But the content could also be shared via a PDF, slide presentation or an infographic.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

What would you want to know? What would you want to ask?

The simplest way to start asking questions is to use the words How, Who, What, Why, Where and When.

How else do you know what to include in your FAQs section?

Watch. Listen. Learn.

Keep an eye on what’s happening in social media. Read articles in your field. Check out book reviews on Amazon to see what people are saying on your area of expertise.

You can ask people. Carry out a survey or poll. Invite people to share their thoughts in a Facebook or LinkedIn group.

When you are having conversations at networking meetings or conducting discovery calls, listen to the words people are using and the questions they are asking.

This is all a valuable resource for you. In many ways, FAQs almost write themselves.

This is an exercise I have re-visited recently as part of a project to create a new website. Let’s take an example of how it works.

I am well known for my online courses to help people get to grips with Microsoft Office and 365 applications.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone knows what those courses are about, how they work or the option to grab the complete box set and secure a healthy discount.

Do you do this?The frequently asked questions section for my online courses at Tomorrow’s VA might look something like this:

What online courses do you offer?

My online courses cover you for applications in Microsoft 365, whether you use Windows or Mac. That means Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams.

The courses are task-based, designed to show you how to complete the most likely tasks a VA, EA or PA might be asked to do. Practical, step-by-step training with no waffle or padding.

Do you do courses for Mac?

Yes. My online courses have versions for Windows users and for Mac users. Simply select the right version of the course for your computer’s operating system.

What are your courses like?

Each course comprises a series of short step-by-step videos. You see what I see on the screen as I go through each task. Every mouse move, every click. It’s like having a trainer right by your side as you work through the stages.

Clear instruction is matched by excellent sound quality. I take you through things at a good easy pace. You can pause or rewind any time, to take notes or embed the learning.

The courses are for your learning and enjoyment. I want you to learn loads and have fun.

Is there a set way to learn from your courses?

When you get the course it’s yours. You use it the way that works best for you. You can follow the logical order of the course structure provided – or just jump into the bit you want to start with and go for it.

You can learn where you want when you want. Return to the course or a specific video whenever you need a refresher.

There is also a community element to the training. With each course, you can add comments or questions in the system. You can also ask to join our closed Facebook group.

Can I see a course before I buy it?

It’s not possible to view a whole course. However, if you want to get an idea of my training style, delivery and pacing you will find ‘Preview’ videos on some of the course pages.

You’re also welcome to book a free Discovery Call to discuss courses before you decide to go ahead.

What if I can’t decide which course is best for me?

Obviously, I want you to have the course (or courses) which will help you most. If having explored my range of courses, you’re still unsure what to go for, let me help you. Simply book a free Discovery Call
and we can talk it through.

How much are your online courses?

My online course prices start from £75 (if paying in US or Australian dollars, that is from $95USD or $150 AUD, respectively).

Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes. You can choose to pay for your course in pounds sterling, US dollars or Australian dollars.

Do you do any discounts or bundle deals?

There are usually no discounts with my individual online courses as they already represent great value for money. Sometimes, there may be a launch promotion price with a new course.

If you use PowerPoint, you can buy my courses individually. They are

  • How to Create Infographics with PowerPoint
  • Instant Instagram Posts
  • Master the Slide Master with PowerPoint (for Windows and Mac)

Or, you can get all three for the price of two in my special bundle deal.

What is The Hub?

The Tomorrow’s VA Hub, affectionately known as ‘The Full Monty’, is the complete box set of my online courses.

All the training in Microsoft 365 applications in one place with LIFETIME access. Pay once and never pay another penny again… even when new courses or updated versions are added.

You can pay in Pounds sterling, US Dollars or Australian Dollars. The Hub gives you a 25 per cent saving compared to buying the courses one by one.

There you have it.

For most people, that would answer the most obvious questions they may have.

You can create the same for your VA business.

Work out the questions. Provide answers. Share them.

Let me know how you get on with your FAQs.

Shelley Fishel