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business process

Do you have a business process?

Do you know how your business works? Where your clients come from and crucially what the steps are to turn that enquiry into a paying client?

This whole journey can be turned into a process.

First contact

Could be via email or a phone call – where do you log this?

You respond and possibly send some information or direct them to information on your website.

Then a bit of back and forth and then maybe a few meetings and then down to business.


Once you have agreed to work together what happens next? Do you have a process for handling the booking process?

Does your new client know what to expect? What is included or excluded?

Do you have proper Booking Terms?


Do you have a cancellation policy?

When is it triggered?

Is there a cancellation charge?

What happens if a client wants to postpone the course? Do you have provision for that?


Does your client know what to expect?

Do you make the training requirements clear? Such as a room to train in and freedom from interruptions?

Post delivery

Do you offer post course support?

Is there a defined follow up system?

Future work

Do you ask them to refer you on to others who could use your services?

Processbusiness process

All of these are steps in a process and you may or may not have documentation to help.

For example – do you have a system to store the names and addresses of the people you meet and those who call?

What else?

What other documents do you have, or might you need? – Booking Terms, Terms of Service, Cancellation Policy etc.

How can your software systems help with this process?

Do you have anything to add to the questions I have asked?

Please leave a  comment below I would love to hear what you think.

Do you have a business process?