In response to questions asked in an online community I am part of, I decided to create this post. The question posed – I need to have an alias or another email address, but I don’t want to pay for a new license.

Before I show you how to do this I must emphasise that I recommend talking to an IT Support Company and have them help you out, however techie you are, it is very easy to miss a check box or break things.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Create an Alias – this is connected to your own email inbox. So I have my email address and I want people to send email to In this scenario, all email sent to your email alias arrives in YOUR inbox and any replies are sent from YOUR email address.
  2. Create a Shared Mailbox – this is a completely separate mailbox, it has its own email address and any email sent or received is at the mailbox address – for example – . You will need to add it to your Outlook Account by opening Other Person’s folder. This creates an Account in the navigation pane in Outlook and any emails received or sent will be from this email address (not your own)

To create an Alias

You need to be the administrator of your Microsoft 365 Account.

Sign into the Microsoft 365 Admin portal and go to Admin on the left navigation.

Add alias to outlook




Next, go to Users >Active Users and find the user you want to add an alias to.

Click Manage Aliases

Add alias to outlook




Then type in the alias you want to use – I have typed in training then click Add

add alias







Your Alias will now be added.

Make sure to Save the changes. It may take a little while for the new alias to register on the system.

Now when someone sends an email to – it comes directly to my main inbox.

When I reply – the reply goes from

Create a Shared Mailbox

This is also done in the Admin Portal and you need to be the administrator.

Sign in to the Microsoft 365 Portal.

On the navigation on the left, click Groups and then Shared Mailboxes

Next click on Add a shared mailbox

add alias

Fill in the details

add shared mailbox

  1. Add shared mailbox
  2. Name the shared mailbox (this is the name of the account in Outlook)
  3. The name will appear as the email address although you can change this if you wish
  4. Click Save Changes

Add members to the shared mailbox

Once you have your mailbox created the next step is to add members. You can have several members or just the one. The members will be able to add this account to their Outlook and view, send and receive email there.

Click Add members

add members to shared mailbox






Then select the person or people you want to add to the mailbox

choose members of shared mailbox





Remember to click Save!

You will get a message telling you that it can take up to 60 minutes for the changes to filter through.

shared mailbox success





Once you have added a member to the Shared Mailbox, the mailbox will appear in the user’s Outlook navigation within an hour.
See below for a way to speed it up. Although you still may need to wait until everything filters through.

Add your shared mailbox to Outlook Desktop

This is important if you are a Mac user.  To make sure that the shared mailbox gets added follow the steps below.

Click File

Click Open other users Folder







Type in the name of the Shared Mailbox – in my case

Then the account will open in the navigation pane although it may take a while and you may need to close and restart Outlook –please allow some time

Now you can send and receive emails in this account.

Note – to save the sent messages for this shared folder in the Sent Items folder you will need to edit the account in the Admin portal to allow this.





It may take a while to open the other folder – please be patient


How do I remove a Shared Mailbox from Outlook?

This is done via the Admin Portal. Go back to the Shared Mailboxes, find the one you want to remove, and click on it. Then click on Edit under Members – remove the person who needs to leave the shared mailbox.

It may take a while and Outlook will need to be restarted, however, once you are not a member the shared mailbox will be removed from the navigation.





IMPORTANT NOTE – I always recommend that you have an IT Support person/company on hand – it takes all the hassle out of setting things up and getting things wrong, because a check box gets missed. It is quite easy to break things in the Admin Portal for lack of knowledge or for having just enough knowledge to be dangerous!

Happy emailing 📧

Shelley Fishel