Do you want to create infographics?

VAs: Create Traffic Driving Infographics for Your Clients

If you're a virtual assistant that creates blog posts and helps get traffic to your client websites, then you'll love this Infographic Training Course.

I'll show you how to create traffic pulling infographics using Microsoft Office tools. When you do this training you'll wonder how you've not done this sooner!

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Do you want to create Infographics?

InfographicsI have been very busy lately, recording courses and writing blog posts. After a while thinking about the content to write about leaves me banging my head on the desk (metaphorically speaking). So I started to think about Infographics.

I realised that I like to see them and tend to click on them to see the content which got me thinking.

Why am I not using Infographics more frequently?

So, I set about answering the question.

What I realised was that in order to create an Infographic I need to use specialist software or online software like Canva or PiktoChart. That means going away from my beloved Microsoft Office programs, logging in online and then finding a template that I like and using it. What about customising the template? Well each time I do that from scratch.

I bet you can work out where this is going. Yep. I don’t enjoy doing all that extra stuff. I just want to open up a familiar program and create. Better still it will have my brand elements set up.

So, I set about working out which of the Microsoft Office programs would lend itself to creating an Infographic.

Word will do it, but the page settings mean that as soon as you get near the bottom of the page, you are forced to a new page.

PowerPoint wins

I have figured out how to use all the elements that I already know in PowerPoint (well I do teach it!) combined to create a simple Infographic. To be honest I am not a really creative person, but I found to my delight that I can do this fairly easily using the tools I love.

Here are a couple of examples of the things I did.

Yes, I know, I know

The content is simple – I was focusing on the tools and look rather than the actual words. As you can see, when you create an infographic you don’t actually need many words at all!The best part is once I have this set up, I can reuse it at any time and because I know what I am doing in PowerPoint, changing the colours or shapes is easy.

Here are some articles I found to back up the reasons for using Infographics in your marketing mix

5 Reasons to use Infographics in your marketing – Hubspot –

Why should you use infographics? ZC Social Media

How to use an infographic to promote your business, 99designs

Show me how Shelley – please!

Yes, I am going to do just that. I will be creating a mini course showing you how to create Infographics that you can use again and again and change however you want whenever you want. Without having to buy or subscribe to yet another software package.

Let me know in the comment section below if you would be interested in this course once it goes live.





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