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Sara Bussandri

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  • How to batch content writing for your blog
  • The best transcription tools and techniques
  • Techniques for repurposing content

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Our Guest – Sara Bussandri

Sara Bussandri is a Digital Content Writer who helps small business owners and successful podcasters with blogging and re-purposing audio/video content into SEO-friendly blog posts. At home, she’s a mum of three boys who works around school runs, laundry loads, and football matches. 

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Episode 10 – Virtually Amazing with Sara Bussandri


Out guest this week is Sara Bussandri who is a content writer and blogger. Starting off with a lifestyle blog Sara soon had people coming to her for help,

Show Notes

Join us as we chat with Sara Bussandri about blogging – we talk about the perfect length for a blog post and the stats about how long it takes to write one and you will be amazed! We discuss the key benefits of blogging for your business and how it helps you get found in Google.

Sara says that blogging shows the person you are and showcases your skills so that clients come to you.


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