Show Notes

In this week’s episode we chat with John Cassidy – The Headshot Guy. We learn how John photographed Her Majesty the Queen – having to dash back to develop the photo while the Queen was at dinner!

We also chatted about what makes a great headshot and Jo was surprised by some of the things you can do….

Our Guest – John Cassidy

John’s mission is to Light People Up so they attract those whose lives they are here to change.

In simple terms, John connects people. People you seek to serve, or people seeking you.

John believes the key to a great headshot is expression. It should convey confidence and approachability.

Headshots are shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it.

John considers his job is to connect with clients and coach/direct them through the process. And to capture the resulting expressions for them and the world to see.

Allowing clients to attract, connect and make an impact. 

You Will Learn

  • The importance of a great headshot for building relationships with people
  • What makes a great headshot
  • How to work with a photographer to produce a range of images for your social media posts

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