Show Notes

Tune in to find out how you can invent your brand name after being up all night… That’s what happened to Carrie.

Jo asks – what exactly is PR? And we learn about Carries’s love affair with Twitter and a few top tips including who to follow…

Our Guest

Once upon a time, at one of those early morning networking meetings, after spending a night on Twitter, Carrie was asked to deliver her 60 second pitch. Her heart raced. Her mind went blank. The room of mostly men in suits looked at her like she was crazy! She flippantly said: “

Forgive me, I’m blonde and entrepreneurial, no question too blonde!”

And the Blondepreneur was instantly borne!

Ever since, Carrie whilst having many ‘blonde moments,’ in her business has developed her ideas and played to her blonde strengths with incredible results

She has  created her own Signature Soft PR™ approach using soft skills like empathy, playfulness, love and kindness. Using her approach she has had her clients head-hunted by the media, and whilst they were holidaying in the Far East, because of her approach!

If you are blonde about publicity and Twitter then get in touch, remember no question too blonde!!


You Will Learn

  • How to connect with your target market using Twitter
  • How to connect with journalists and share stories that may interest them
  • How to connect with journalists who are looking for content that you may be able to provide

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