Show Notes

In today’s bumper episode we talk to Sarah Arrow or rather Sarah talks to us!

We talk about content marketing and your ideal client. How you can improve the results of your website through content marketing and why you are never marketing to yourself 5 years ago.

Sarah helps us understand why market research is so important and we talk about the Niche word in depth!

So sit back and relax and learn about why content marketing is so important for your VA Business.

Note – there are links to Sarah’s courses in the links section and I may receive affiliate commission if you purchase any of her courses.

Our Guest

Sarah Arrow is a content marketer who loves blogging. She helps small business owners connect with their ideal clients and create content that resonates. Every year she trains thousands of bloggers through her 30-day blogging challenge.

You Will Learn

  • Why Content Marketing makes your website better
  • How to find out all about your ideal client
  • Why the language you use is so important
  • What your About Page is REALLY for!

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