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This week we talk to Joanne Manville about her VA journey and her ability to win awards! We also talked a lot about Lead generation and about referrals being the biggest source of work and how important it is to keep track. Other topics were time blocking and working with a mentor and how important it is to have someone to help you work out what you are doing.  We also talked about working with Associates.

Joanne has kindly made a copy of her lead generation spreadsheet available you can download it from her blog – see the link in the Resource section.


Our Guest

Launched in October 2015, Joanne set up her business, Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance, to provide Executive Level VA Support to growing businesses.  Joanne has won UK Outstanding VA for the last two years in the UK VA Awards.  She has a team of twelve associates, providing a wide range of support to clients locally, nationally and internationally.  Joanne works from home in Exeter, Devon.

You Will Learn

  • Why working with a mentor is important to help you shortcut the process
  • How Joanne became addicted to entering awards 
  • How to track your leads effecitvely

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