Show Notes

This week we are in conversation with Susan Wright, tune in to hear how two big life events, being made redundant and then health issues gave Susan the impetus to set up The Wright VA. Find out what Susan loves to do workwise, and why niching down and finding the right clients all helps to get stuff done to everyone’s satisfaction.


Our Guest – Susan Wright

After working for over 20 years’ in the Corporate World predominantly in the Private Equity sector, Susan obtained a wealth of knowledge, learned and developed her skillset and gained a fount of experience.  For many years, Susan did so many mail merges that she was able to recite from memory how to do one from scratch over the phone to a colleague whilst being on holiday!!  This was also true with headers and footers in Word.

Susan came about this industry by chance.  Following a couple of redundancies and a second spell of long-term sick leave, she was unsure if she would be able to procure and maintain a new employed role, so having a couple of contacts who required some ad hoc admin support, she set up Susan’s Office Solutions in 2017.  It was at a visit to the PA Show in February 2018 where Susan met a number of inspirational people and came away with a bucket load of information that enlightened her to the industry.  She took this new found knowledge (and a call enquiring if she sold copy paper!) to re-brand and professionalise her business.  Susan re-launched exactly a year later in September 2018 as The Wright VA.

Susan assists a range of clients and as a born organiser, a desire to help and a want for all things ‘right’, she goes above and beyond to ensure these qualities are met for her clients.

You Will Learn


  • Why networking is important
  • People do business with people
  • Top tips for networking

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