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Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson


An online backup solution gives you peace of mind that your data is safe should the worst happen to your premises.  It has the ability to back up wherever you have an active Internet connection so you don’t have to worry if you have your computer away from the office (and your backup drive!).

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This week we are in conversation with Paul Richardson the founder of Inception Support which specialises in MAC support. Paul will help MAC users understand the tech they are using, how to improve security by implementing good housekeeping techniques and FileVault.


Our Guest – Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson is the owner and founder of Inception Support Ltd, a company that provides expert Mac support for businesses and home users.

Having qualified as an Apple Certified Service Engineer (which was later rebranded as Apple Certified Macintosh Technician) in 2002, he has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon when it comes to solving your Mac-related problems but do yourself a favour and don’t get him started on why you should have a backup unless you’re sitting comfortably…

Paul readily admits that he’s one of those fortunate few people who are doing the job they’ve always wanted to do and is even lucky enough to get paid to do it.  Described by clients as affable and approachable, he is always happy to teach people about their systems without resorting to technobabble.

You Will Learn


  • Why you need as much RAM as  you can afford
  • The difference between RAM and storage
  • Why having a back up is essential

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