Show Notes

This week we are in conversation with Joanne Munro the founder of the Munro PA Services and The VA Handbook. Joanne started her VA business in 2008 after a career in events in hospitality. In this session we talk about building her VA business, starting the VA Handbook and supporting other VAs

Our Guest – Joanne Munro

Writer and creator of The VA Handbook website, Joanne Munro’s sole aim is to help people set up and run their own Virtual Assistant business.

We spend over half our lives at work and she firmly believes that if you dont love what you do, arent valued, appreciated, paid well, and professionally fulfilled, then its a life half lived. 

There are no longer any rules about how we work, and Joanne feels that as long as you can pay the rent, theres no reason you cant do what you want, when you want, where you want and for whomever you want. 

The goal of her website is to show the realities of freelancing and to try and educate, assist and encourage people to design a flexible and fulfilling working life that suits them.

You Will Learn

  • Tips to help you get clients
  • That it is possible to work from ANYWHERE

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