Show Notes

In this week’s episode which was recorded back in June, Shelley and Gail talk about why colour is important, getting dressed for work even when not going out and all things style.

Lots of fun.

Our Guest – Gail Morgan

Gail Morgan is a Style Consultant and Image Expert with over 28 years’ experience.  Her mission is to simplify the art of getting dressed so that you enjoy wearing clothes that flatter your body, support your lifestyle, and boost your confidence.

She has extensive retail and personal shopping experience and specialises in working with busy professionals and business owners who need to improve their visibility. Gail loves seeing her clients blossom and their confidence soar, once they understand the colours and styles of clothes that really suit them.

Gail also runs Study in Style – a training academy, teaching independent Personal Stylists and Image Consultants around the World through her certified online and face to face training programmes. 

During the podcast Gail will be sharing her Top 10 Style Tips for VAs – to include suggestions for working at home and when visiting clients.

You Will Learn

  • Why getting dressed for work even when you are not going out is important
  • How colour and style affect your mood and productivity
  • Tips for looking good in online meetings

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