Show Notes

In this episode, Shelley and Jo chat with Mina about how the VA business found her. Mina started in PR and became  EA to the president of EMI records leaving corporate to found My French PA for family reasons.

Mina based in Paris offers a unique service to English speaking businesses owner in Paris keeping their  lives organized ( both business and private)

Learn about the different services Mina offers and how sought after she is.

Our Guest – Mina Dhifali

Mina, a Parisian and passionate professional with 20 years of experience in assistantship, founded My French PA in September 2017, an agency providing administrative support services to businesses. Her mission is to reinterpret the traditional role of an executive assistant in the digital age: she is often considered as a strategic partner by her clients.

She proposes several remote and on-site services for English-speaking international companies and individuals in Paris, such as French bureaucracy, PA services, event management, to name but a few. Her core expertise is time management: a global and tailor-made approach to managing the daily routine of professional life so that her clients can focus – clearly, cleanly – on their core business.

You Will Learn

  • The importance of networking to establish yourself
  • A unique way of packaging services

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