Show Notes

In 2010 after a career break Rebecca wanted something for herself. She researched Virtual Assistants and realised that this was something she could do and make it whatever she wanted it to be.

Rebecca does not have a PA background – her background was as a retail buyer. Learn how Rebecca started out and grew into Get Ahead VA.

Our Guest – Rebecca Newenham

Rebecca Newenham founded Get Ahead VA in 2010. After 7 years of successfully growing her award-winning virtual agency, she welcomed her first franchisee in 2017. Since then she has gone on to add franchisees from Wakefield in the north right down to Woking in the south. As a virtual agency, Get Ahead VA helps businesses of all sizes and from all sectors get ahead.

Rebecca grew up knowing that she wanted to run her own business one day, just like her mother did. After university Rebecca enjoyed a career in corporate buying in London, working for retail giants Superdrug and Sainsbury’s. She loved the fast pace of retail, but once her daughters were born, she decided to take a step away from the career ladder. When her youngest started school, the time felt right to start her own business. Being able to work flexibly around her family was key. After researching various options and seeing how the economic landscape was shaping up after the 2008/9 recession, Rebecca decided to launch a virtual agency.

Though the term virtual assistant was relatively unknown in the UK back then, it was well established in America and she could see the potential. Outsourcing enables agile businesses to keep fixed costs low and respond quickly to market changes. By 2016 the business had seen sustained years of revenue growth. The team and the range of business services they offered had expanded, as had their client base. They had even won a ‘Flexible Business of the Year’ award. But Rebecca was keen to take the business to the next level and unlock new growth opportunities. Rebecca worked closely with a franchise consultant and took time to develop the right franchise offering. In 2017 she welcomed her first franchisee onboard and it has been an exciting journey ever since.

Mentoring and supporting her franchisees is so rewarding. Rebecca talks about going into business for yourself, but not by yourself, as she is there to support franchisees every step of the way.



You Will Learn

  • Spend time thinking about what you want to be known as.
  • Show up and be consistent
  • How important branding is
  • Tell everyone when you start out – your Mum’s best friend
  • Do what feels right – no need to fit into a box
  • Be aware of where you find your energy

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