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Jennifer Corcoran

You Will Learn

  • What the best way to network on Linked In is
  • What the difference is between free and paid 
  • Why you should optimise your profile
  • Who you should connect with on Linked In

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Jennifer Corcoran

Jennifer is more than a skilled social media scheduler or self-pronounced “Expert”. Her talent and hard work are evident in her list of qualifications and awards, making her one of the UK’s most successful LinkedIn trainers.  Her expertise is evident in her list of prestigious awards such as Social Media Influencer of the Year.  Jennifer has been spotlighted in national campaigns such as F-Entrepreneur and recently held 1st place on the #LinkedInROCKSTARS list. 

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Welcome to Episode 3

This week we welcome Jennifer Corcoran to the Podcast. Jennifer is well known as My Super Connector. An absolute font of knowledge about LinkeIn and a Social Media Rockstar.

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, learn the best way to to network on Linked In, what the difference is between the free and paid versions plus why your Linked In profile needs to be optimised.

We also talk about who should be on Linked In and who to connect with.

Our app of the week is Promo Republic, find out why Shelley loves it so much.

Special bonus:

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