Show Notes

In this week’s episode we hear how being left with just her passport after having her house burgled, Michelle flew off to Egypt and with just a small suitcase and a laptop started to build a new life. Listen in to the amazing story about the way she built up Virtual Miss Friday and how Michelle turned it into a successful business that is location independent.

Our Guest – Michelle Dale

Michelle Dale. Virtual Assistant Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Location Independent. Michelle Dale is the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an Online Business Consultancy and Academy with Built-In Virtual Assistant Services and the creator of 1nSourcing™ – a service that specialises in serving 6 and 7 figure business owners. She left the UK in 2005, at the age of 23 to pursue a dream of experiencing real freedom. She has grown a successful location independent online service and digital product business, travelling and living abroad full time, and raising 3 children with her husband. She now supports men and women around the world in cultivating their own professional and personal aspirations in the digital world.



You Will Learn

  • Why it is important to find a good mentor
  • Find a mentor who has the type of business and lifestyle you want
  • Find a good foundation course on how to run your business
  • Have a grasp of the overall time things take and how much it costs

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