Show Notes

In this week’s episode we chat with Samantha and find out how she went from Customer Service in a SAS (Software As a Service) company to running her own VA business. Tune in to hear how Samantha started her VA business whilst working full time. After taking maternity leave after her second child, Samantha started to reduce here employed hours so that she could build up her business finally quitting the day job after baby number 3.

Listen in for some valuable tips and ideas for growing your VA business.

Our Guest – Samantha Trim

After 15 years in Customer Service, Sam branched into Virtual Assistant Services. She saw a real cry for help from business owners who were trying to juggle everything in their business, leaving them frazzled! And so she started offering services online. Specialising in automation and business strategy planning, Sam has built a successful team around her and the business is flourishing, and now offers online courses to compliment her business. Sam is a mother of 3, a wife, and a business owner, and LOVES being all of those. She loves a Pinot Noir!  

You Will Learn

How to start your business starting while you are still employed then transition through a part time employed/business to full time business owner

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