Show Notes

In today’s episode we are chatting with Michelle Ibbs.  Michele started out as a Nurse and went into medical sales and was exceptionally successful however this led to the breakup of her marriage. Went on to work in the steel industry with her second husband helping him grow his business exponentially.

Having lost everything when her second husband ended the marriage, Michele set up I’m Your PA with no clients and no typing skills! Tune in to find out how she turned her life around!

Our Guest – Michele Ibbs

 Michele Ibbs has been known as “The Networking Queen” for some years now. Having first started networking back in 2007 when she founded I’m Your P.A. Networking is an art Michele has a real passion for, when used correctly networking can give a massive return on investment. Networking should be fun, it is net WORK, not net-sit or net-eat and effort has to be put in to it to build those all important, profitable relationships. Michele loves to share contacts, support fellow networkers and teach those all important networking skills that have helped her to develop I’m Your P.A.


You Will Learn


  • How to craft a perfect 60 Seconds
  • What kind of props you can use
  • How to stand out at a networking event

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