Show Notes

In this week’s episode we chat with Stephanie Wium.

Stephanie talks about how she found Canva via a happy accident and started to turn her Generalist VA business into a design led business. Stephanie has a great talent and can make her designs tell a story even with no words. Learn how Stephanie charges for her services and finds her clients.

Our Guest – Stephanie Wium

I am passionate about helping people! It’s a thread that has followed my entire career starting with a solid foundation in the armed forces and culminating in my recent roles as Executive Assistant and business owner. My no-nonsense personality has earned me a reputation for getting things done since opening my own business: Simply on Demand. I started my journey as a generalist virtual assistant because I was a kick-ass administrator in my last full-time role – turns out I was really crappy at being a VA. So, I turned to design because I liked being able to personalize how I say things visually. Now I give mindset coaches, who are running their own 5-day challenges & workshops, the freedom to stop rushing themselves haggard in getting all of their visual content done themselves in the last minutes before a challenge.


You Will Learn

  • ✔ Why Niche really is important
  • ✔ Working with Joy

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