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This Episode

Simon Graves

You Will Learn

  • Things to consider when building your website
  • Why you need to plan , plan and plan again
  • What different platforms have to offer – or not.

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Episode 4 - Virtually Amazing with Simon Graves

Our Guest – Simon Graves

I’m happy to report that I am one of the few human and personable ‘web’ guys left in existence.  There are no automated chatbots here. 

Nothing but honest, unbiased, help and support.  And no nerdy tech stuff either.  I make it a point to explain everything in a way that even your granny could understand! 


My mission in business is to be that guy who provides professional online services, available and affordable to all, but primarily focussed towards new start-ups and those who have limited budgets. 


My passion is not only providing these services using the WordPress framework (which still amazes me every day), but by doing so in a way that educates others in how they can use it to maximise their business potential. 

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Episode 4 – Virtually Amazing with Simon Graves

Welcome to Episode 4

This week we are in discussion with Simon Graves – Your WordPress Guy. We all need a website and it is good to talk to someone who knows what they are doing.

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Shelley and Jo find out all about Simon’s business. Why planning is paramount and what you need to think about when building your VA website – and it’s not what you think.

We learn what the extra qualities are that make Simon’s clients sing his praises and then Shelley and Jo have a chat about our tool of the week – Yoest for SEO.



[03:10 ] Meet Simon and find out what he does and how being a business coach has helped him

[04:33 ] Simon talks about why he focuses on WordPress support only for small business a market he believes that needs professional service

[06:30 ] Jo chose WordPress to stay in control of her content and platform

[09:32] Simon says make sure you plan where you are going so that you know what you need and find the right place.

[10:14] as a DIY website builder you are paying with time if not with money

[1:25] Shelley asks what is the absolute minimum a new VA needs and Simon talks about the biggest question you need to ask before you start – what is the purpose of the website?

[12:46] Once you have a complete plan of what you want your site to be you can then decide which platform to go for. Bonus – if you cannot execute your own plan you can hand it off to a developer as you have a tight brief.

[14:30] with some of the other systems they are all about the front end and what they look like, no control over speed or SEO for example

[16:29] Can you really build a website in an hour?

[19:11] All about having the mindset of the client or potential client and showing that you are the best person to work with and can do what you say along wtih Social Proof. Case Studies and testimonials

[21:45]  All for the niche

[23:08]  Jo agrees and gets passionate!

[26:12] Simon’s USP is his business background – asks good questions

[29:56] 75% of project time is in the planning says Jo

[31:29] Added functionality – discuss – make sure in your plan you know what you are going to want now and, in the future,

[33:24 ] Simon tells us about his One Offer a useful way to get started with a 5-page templated website

[42.25] Shelley and Jo talk about SEO and Yeost in particular



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