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Kathy Soulsby

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  • How Kathy stays on top of her to do list
  • The tools Kathy Uses to keep track 
  • Why you should put your phone in another room

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Episode 5 - Virtually Amazing with Kathy Soulsby

Our Guest – Kathy Soulsby

In her working life, Kathy has been a restaurant manager, a customer relations executive in the car industry, an exporter of shellfish and, of course, a PA and EA. Kathy has always enjoyed organising things, whether that’s a table plan for a 150 cover restaurant on a Saturday night or a shipment of langoustine to Italy, getting people and things where they need to be when they need to be there is her passion.

Needing more flexibility than any one job seemed to offer, Kathy became a Virtual Assistant in 2014, initially fitting it into the evenings and weekends alongside two PA part time PA roles!

She went fulltime into the business in 2015 after shedding first one job and then the second and the rest is history.

Working mainly with consultants, coaches and trainers, she takes on all kinds of work, from diary management, blogs, CRMs and invoicing to cake ordering and voice-overs. As her business has grown, she now manages a team of eight associates so she can take on bigger corporate jobs in the consulting industry. 

In May 2017, she published Virtually Painless, a humorous and slightly bonkers book about moving from employed PA to freelance VA. Covering the highs and lows of freelance life, it’s aim to answer the questions “Can I do that?” and more importantly “Do I want to do that?”

Kathy loves helping people get organised and she is a total productivity nerd. When she isn’t sweating over an online timesheet or getting her geek on about a new planner or task system, she can usually be found in a field with a collie or two.

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Welcome to Episode 5!

In this week’s episode we chat with Kathy Soulsby of Virtually Personal. Kathy is in her own words a total producivity nerd and we will be chatting about all things producivity.


Show Notes

This week we discuss productivity and procrastination. Find out why it is important to get the right things done and why Kathy says that productivity is about how you think rather than what you achieve.

In other news Jo talks about juggling home schooling, running the home and a business, and we discuss My Hours as our app of the week. 



[01:20 ]  Why every day is a learning day – especially at the moment.

[01:50 ]  Juggling Jo – home school, home and business.

[08:39 ]  Kathy talks about getting the right things done.

[10:01 ]  Start with your calendar not your Inbox

[12:34 ]  The Shellfish Story

[15:00 ]  Restaurant bookings – how many?

[18:20]  Balancing the workload

[19:30] Put your phone in the other room

[19:30] Nulla porttitor accumsan tincidunt. Proin eget tortor risus.

[21:00 ] Focus with music

[22:30] Kathy writes a book

[25:00 ] Has work dried up or slowed down?

[28:00 ] Managing  a team

[29:48 ] Swings and roundabouts for Jo

[31:00 ] Start as you mean to go on and evolve your systems

[38:00]  Just when you think you got this….

[39:40 ] Pay it forward

[40:00] Be grateful and focus

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