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Joanne Hawkins

You Will Learn

  • Tips on what to think about when setting up as a VA
  • To think about the business side of being a VA – it’s not just work.
  • How important your Why is.

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Episode 6 - Virtually Amazing with Joanne Hawkins

Our Guest – Joanne Hawkins

Founder of Executive VPA in 2012, Joanne Hawkins is a strong believer in building quality relationships with both Business Owners and fellow VAs.  Setting strong foundations, creating quality networks and pushing herself out of her comfort zone is why Joanne believes the business has gone from strength to strength.   

Joanne says that “Building a valued and trusted group of Associates has been key in the growth and credibility of the business, I couldn’t run my business without them, nor could I support the fantastic clients we have without our amazing team”   

A recognised trainer with the Society of Virtual Assistants, Joanne enjoys mentoring and coaching new and established VA business owners. Joanne founded the North West VA Conference in 2015, which is now the ‘go to’ event for VAs in the region and beyond. 


As a multi-award winning VA, Joanne understands why it is important for VAs to put themselves out there. – awards include: Winner of North of England VA of the Year 2014, Winner of Robert Walter’s North West of England VA of the Year 2018 and finalists in both the Enterprise Vision Awards, Professional Services 2019 and Manchester VA of the Year 2019. 

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Episode 6 – Virtually Amazing with Joanne Hawkins

Welcome to Week 6!

This week’s guest is Joanne Hawkins of Executive VPA – Joanne has been in business since 2012 and brings a wealth of experience to the show.

Show Notes

This week we discuss our big Why. We also chat about working anywhere and being able to up sticks.

Uncertainty is also discussed and we find out why Jo B and Joanne H decided to jump onto the freelance ship.

Children and Grandchildren are talked about too.

[05:44 ] Meet Joanne Hawkins and find out why she set up her VA business

[07:26 ]  How the recession triggered Joanne’s thinking

[08:22 ] Are you prepared for the roller coaster?

[08:59 ] Jo Brianti always freelance and then had twins!

[10:00 ] Business evolves

[10:18 ] Fast or Slow?

[11:35]Networking – out my comfort zone says Joanne

[12:00]How hard it is to outsource – this helps her clients

[13:40] Find out how Joanne started to grow her business and started the Northern VA Conference

[14:50] Majority of VAs Joanne outsources to are known from the VA Conference or have approached Joanne to work – the relationship is key.

[15:15] Shelley asks what skills Joanne would be looking for

[17:00] Need to get along and be on the same wavelength

[18:15] Joanne mentors VAs

[19:15] All associates have a relationship with the client direct – that is very important

[21:13] Very close team who work together and help Joanne manage the business

[22:00] Accreditation – is it important?

[24:00] Everyone is unique

[26:00] Business is finding that outsourcing is possible

[26:10] Conscious Awareness

[28:00] Understand the business elements as a VA

[28:59] Joanne talks about her tips for aspiring VAs

[30:28] What is your why? What do you want to get out of running your VA business?

[31:00] Joanne’s Why

[33:20] Jo B’s Why

[35:00] Shelley’s Why

[40:00] Find out what tools we use to manage communication in our teams.


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