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Annabel Kaye

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  • The top things you need to have in place to comply with GDPR
  • Whether you should register with the ICO
  • Why Consent matters

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Our Guest – Annabel Kaye

Annabel Kaye founded Irenicon (a specialist HR and employment law consultancy) in 1980, and KoffeeKlatch in 2009, specifically to support organisations which outsource to freelancers. She has helped thousands of business people work out how to contract and manage the people they pay in a way that is appropriate for their business. She is a professional speaker and she is well known for combining common sense and humour when tackling compliance and legal subjects. 

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Episode 7 – Virtually Amazing with Annabel Kaye

This week are in conversation with Annabel Kaye who helps us all get our Ducks in a Row with regards to GDPR. We chat about the absolute essentials a VA needs in place to comply and talk about all things Consent and Email marketing. Pearls of wisdom galore.


Show Notes

We discuss registering with the ICO and why you would want to. Why other countries will have different rules. We talk about Consent in email marketing and Annabel answers Jo and Shelley’s questions. 


[08:05] Jo is a raving fan of Annabelle’s contracts and wants to know what drove the approach

[08:33] Annabel is on a one woman crusade to use plain English

[09:09] A meeting of minds

[09:42]Setting out a clear path of what is expected

[10:45] Top three to five things to have in place

[12:06] De-Yucking – it’s a thing!

[12:25] Advice to get client’s on board with GDPR

[15:34]Does a VA need to be registered with ICO?

[17:42]Different rules in different countries

[18:00] Secure the data

[18:30] The buck stops with you

[21:45] Consent Consent Consent

[24:30] Mailings for clients

[31:30] Annabel would rather read an EU directive then learn about how to use her email software and Shelley would rather learn the software than read an EU directive

[32:48] IR 35 is coming, and Annabel is on the case

Shelley and Jo wind up with a chat about Active Campaign

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