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Caroline Wylie

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  • We discuss the prognosis for the industry future
  • How being a Virtual Assistant has changed through the years

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Episode 8 - Virtually Amazing with Caroline Wylie

Our Guest – Caroline Wylie

With a background in music and advertising, Caroline honed her virtual working skills working between London and Glasgow in her business Virtually Sorted which she established in 2004. 

At that point, virtual assistance in the UK was a fledgling industry, so she worked with a collection of VAs to educate the business community about virtual working which grew rapidly into the Society of Virtual Assistants.  SVA established the first best practice guidance for UK virtual assistants in 2007 and also virtual assistant trainers in 2018. Each year it produces the UK VA industry’s survey, widely used by a variety of business organisations and government departments to provide insights into how VAs work. In 2020 it became a registered Community Interest Company.

Along the way Caroline has lectured at various universities in the creative industries, appeared on conference panels, conducted workshops and presented at exhibitions such as London Excel, Strathclyde Business School and The VA Conference.  

In her role as founder of SVA, she judges the VA of the Year Awards and runs the UK VA Survey  each year alongside still running her virtual assistant business as “the day job”.

Caroline lives in Glasgow, with her husband Craig, their two young children and her crazy Burmese cat. Her mantra remains “I must wear jeans to the office”.

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Episode 8 – Virtually Amazing with Caroline Wylie

This week’s guest is the amazing Caroline Wylie founder of The Society of Virtual Assistants and her own VA business Virtually Sorted. Caroline is one of the original UK based VAs and she set up The Society of Virtual Assistants to help other VAs get the information that was lacking when she stared out. 

Show Notes

Jo and I have a wide ranging chat with the amazing Caroline Wylie, learning how much it cost Caroline to set up when she started to what you can do now. Why it was important for Caroline to set up The Society of Virtual Assistants and why wearing jeans to the office was a big driver.

Learn how useful Caroline’s Dad has been…


We also hear from Caroline about the VA Survey and the precedents and predictions for the future of the industry.

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