Gain insights into your data - new Excel feature

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Gain Insights into your data – new Excel feature


New Sign-in Experience

The other day when I opened Microsoft Office I found that the screen that opens when you start has changed. It has changed across all of the Microsoft Office programs – however I am showing it here in this post about Microsoft Excel.

Figure 1

Note that Excel opens on the Home Screen (1) New Workbooks are now at the top (2) Recent Workbooks are listed (3) To see all New options (4) and to Open a workbook from elsewhere (5) Account details, Feedback to Microsoft and Account Options are now at the bottom of the screen (6)

It is a much neater and more streamlined experience and as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, it is the same across Word and PowerPoint too.

New Insights button

This is a cool new feature – it is still in Preview, but it will be coming to an Excel package near you soon.

When analysing data, we have many tools, things like Sort and Filter, Tables, Subtotals, Pivot Tables etc. Excel can also suggest things for you – that’s a topic for a different post.

The new Insights button will uncover patterns in your data and show you a chart or Pivot table that you can choose to insert into your worksheet.

The Insights button

This button will appear on the Insert Ribbon

Figure 2

To get Insights

Click inside your data set (1) Click on the Insights button (2) the data is selected, and the Insights Preview pane opens (3) two options are shown here (4) a Pivot Chart and a Chart

Figure 3

Click Insert Pivot Chart or Insert Chart to add them to your worksheet.

A new sheet is added to the workbook (1) including a Pivot Table (2) and a Pivot Chart (3)

Figure 4

You can manipulate the chart by changing the filters in the Pivot Table – here I have decided to show just four types of wine.

Figure 5

I think that this is a great feature as often you don’t quite know where to start or what you want to see. This give a great starting point for seeing patterns and trends in your data and for adding them to your worksheets.What do you think of this new feature? Can you see a use for it?




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