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What can cause distractions?

When I am recording a new course, I need to make sure that I am not distracted by all the notifications and sounds that can intrude and cause distractions when Outlook is open on my machine!

Distractions are caused by:Get Focused - less Distractions in Outlook

  • Pop up notifications
  • Banners
  • Sounds on the Computer every time an email arrives
  • Sounds on Windows every time a notification arrives
  • Floating boxes that face at the bottom of the screen
  • The little yellow envelope that appears in the system tray and on the Outlook
  • Any other programs you have open that also give you notifications
  • Notification sounds on your mobile phone!

    Get Focused - less Distractions in Outlook

Why are they so distracting?

Did you know that each time you leave what you are doing and move your focus to read the new email notification, you can lose up to 20 minutes of productivity?

Firstly, you are in the zone working on a project. A sound or banner pop in and you are distracted. Now that you have been distracted, you follow the little envelope and head over to your Inbox to see what it was. Then you read the email all the while, losing the complete focus you had. Then you go answer the email which means that you are now focused on the content of the email and not your project. Next as you are already in your Inbox, well you may as well see what else is there. Before you know it half an hour has gone by!

Then when you finally get back to the project, you have to get back in the zone.

Frustrating yes?

What is the Solution?

Turn off all those distracting notes, icons, sounds and banners.

When you start to work on a project whatever it may be if it demands your full attention then give it your full attention.

Here are some things to help.

  • Close down Outlook – yes close it altogether that way you won’t be tempted to peek.
  • Turn off the sound on your phone – this will stop the notification sounds from disturbing you
  • Turn your phone off! – not always possible I know but at least put it on silent and set up a rule that allows calls from that important client to get through – you really would not want to miss that one!
  • Set up your computer so that banners, popups and sounds do not intrude.

To find out how to block out the notification in Outlook get on the wait list for my latest course – all about Outlook. You can sign up for it here.