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Social media continues to grow in popularity.

If you are using it or thinking of using it more there are plenty of handy tools and useful resources out there. I’ll share some examples in a moment. First, you may want to make a plan.

Think about your audience. Where are they most likely to be found on social media? Is it Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Twitter? YouTube? A combination of these?

It is a good idea to start steady and focus on one platform. See how well that works for you. When you are confident and happy with that, you can try another.

Remember, the more social media channels you use the more time you will need to create and publish your content. The same applies if you are doing social media for a client. Handy Tools and Resources for Social Media

Once you have your platforms in place you can think about what you are going to say – and how often you are going to say it.

This is where a strong content planner will help you. It allows you to map out what needs to go out each day, each week, each month and each quarter.

Set your theme and create relevant content – something of value and interest for your audience.

Social media helps people to become aware of you and what you do, and of the services or products you offer. It helps to create an emotional connection between the reader and yourself. It helps to build your authority, credibility and trust.

Remember, your content does not sit in isolation to the rest of your business. If you are going to do it, it should be done with a clear purpose. Your social media activity forms part of the business model, sales funnel and client journey you have to attract new clients – and keep them.

Once people have found you, you have a chance to nurture them towards becoming a paying client. For that you need content and to put content out consistently, both in theme and frequency.

In that awareness – or ‘getting to know you’ stage – your social media posts could include things like an emoji challenge, quiz, survey, opinion poll or question. You get to see what engagement each bit gets. That feedback tells you a little bit more about your audience. And the more they engage, the more they are likely to share.

There are many resources out there for you and here are just a few that you may want to explore.

I’m not promoting any of these or recommending them over any others, simply sharing some shared with me to be helpful.

TweetDeckIf you use Twitter and are doing social media for clients, you may find something like TweetDeck useful. It is an app which provides a dashboard for managing multiple Twitter accounts.

PromoRepublic – I use this tool to help with scheduling my content across several platforms at once. It included an editor and access to lots of great images, plus makes suggestions of what to post.

There are quite a few tools out there to help you work out what to talk about to your audience.

Answer The PublicThis allows you to search any term. For example, if you wanted to find out about coffee, this tool brings up every question being asked, or phrasing, related to that search term (coffee).

From these questions of who, what, why, when, where and how, you can spot emerging themes or patterns. You can now create content for your audience based on this researched data.

Days of the Year
– This tells you what national or international celebration ‘Day’ it is. It is a great resource but be choosy. Pick ones that are relevant
(e.g. World Smile Day is great for dentists; Kids Music Day for a piano teacher). If you just post these every day it would be boring for people. Be relevant to your audience.

SEMrush – This is keywords analytics software. It lets you see which words and phrases have a bigger volume of interest (for your theme). It allows you to understand the “weighting”, or relative importance, of certain words or phrases. You can then build these words and phrases into your social media content.

You can also explore what’s working in your industry or field. Use tools to see who’s picking up and running with your content, or talking about your topics and themes.

BuzzSumo – This offers a faster way to discover content ideas, uncover platform insights and identify passionate influencers.

Let’s say your theme is coffee. You would be able to see what the most popular articles are about coffee. You could see what social media shares they are getting on different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Then use that to your own advantage – in two different ways:

1. If there’s a powerful or controversial article, you could curate and re-share… and put your own view across on that opinion or topic.

2. Do your own thing. Share your own version of that article. “I’m going to write about this angle or aspect”.

Other useful tools include Display Purposesan instant hashtag generator tool – and Insta Story, which allows you to share videos and images for 24 hours. Image libraries you may want to explore include Unsplash, Pexels and iStock.

Handy Tools and Resources for Social MediaThese are just a few of the many resources out there for any VA wanting to create content or take their social media activity to a new level.

If you have discovered any that work really well for you, do let me know.

And, of course, you know I have you covered when it comes to using Microsoft 365 training for your social media activity.

Take a look at my online courses to help you create Instant Instagram Posts and create Infographics. If you want to Master the Slide Master in PowerPoint, it’s all there for you. Step-by-step guidance for all the essentials you’ll ever need to know. There’s a Slide Master version for Windows and a dedicated version for Mac.

If you are a VA aiming to do a lot of social media work with clients, it makes sense to get up to speed with how to create content efficiently and creatively. It will save time and “Wish I had learned that earlier” self-recriminations later on.

To your VA success.

Shelley Fishel

P.S. By the way, if you’re a VA who likes to find the best deal, you can save £75 by investing in all three courses in my social media mastery bundle. That’s three for the price of two. You’re very welcome.