Do you help people with Social Media?

As a VA you may feel it’s obvious what you do.

But from a business point of view, it’s important to make it clear to people. Not everyone will know what you offer.

Spell it out. On your website. When networking or giving a talk. In your marketing material.

There are some good opportunities out there for the smart VA, especially if you have some niche or specialist skills.

If you are a bit of a whizz with social media, you may be someone who gets asked to manage that side of things for a sole trader, solopreneur or small business owner.Social Media Muddle

If that’s the case you’ll be glad of what applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint can do for you. Not just for content creation but also for planning, organising and logging activity.

But even if you’re not so strong on the ‘creating social media content’ side of things you can still find opportunities to assist people with their business marketing.

There is so much potential work available from the one-person bands out there. They could be coaches, speakers, therapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, consultants, trainers or other professionals in the ‘helping others’ sector.

There are many reasons why people turn to self-employment or set up their own business.

They may have left the corporate world. They may have had a cash windfall and thought ‘I’ve always wanted to give it a go’. They may have got fed up with the rat race or endless commuting, and just fancied something different. They may have been made redundant or taken ‘early retirement’ and received a settlement that gave them the confidence to go it alone.

Or there may have been other drivers which got them to running their own business.

More often than not, these people went out on their own because they wanted to make a difference to others. They had the skills and experience or invested in training to reach the right standard to practise in their field.

But few went in with knowledge of marketing and social media. That is something they have to learn about, farm out completely or get some help with.

And this is where your knowledge of the likes of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel comes in really handy.

Most of these sole traders and small business owners struggle with social media. Some will outsource creating content to someone else. But many others will try to do the content writing or videos themselves.

What they often discover is that they do a bit here, a bit there. Start with good intentions but find things begin to drift and fall by the wayside. The blogs stop. The posts stop. The articles stop.

The initial raging waterfall of marketing activity dwindles to a sorry drip.

Sometimes it’s because life gets in the way. And we all have that pressure of time. There are only 24 hours in each day.

But quite often, the problem is simply down to one (or both) of two other things. The business owner might run out of ideas for what to write about. Or they might just be a bit disorganised and not really plan what needs to be done each week… so it doesn’t get done.

This is where you can step in and save the day.

As a VA, you could offer to be the content ideas generator for the hard-pressed sole trader or solopreneur.

You tell them the themes, stories and topics they can write or talk about. They use your suggestions as a guide to flesh out a blog, a Facebook or Instagram post or LinkedIn article, for example.Social Media Muddle

You can also help them to keep on track by creating a social media content planner with Microsoft Office. You could use Excel to set out what needs to go out when. You can set out and expand on your content ideas in a Word document. Word is also handy if you just want to keep a straight log of what’s been covered.

Even if a client wanted to do all their own social media, you could provide them with a custom-designed planner and scheduler. They just fill in the cells or blanks as they go.

That gives you a nice low-price product you can promote and sell as part of your range of services.

Make a few sales of those each month and you’ll soon have some nice, regular pocket money to treat yourself.

The smart VA is always looking for new opportunities.

Give your ideal clients some thought. What do they struggle with? What do they need? What is holding them back?

What is the gap that leaves them scratching their heads in frustration… and how can you provide a solution which closes that gap?

To your VA success.

P.S. Naturally, you can brush up or sharpen up your Microsoft Word skills with my online courses.

If it’s Microsoft Excel you want to… ahem, excel at you can find what you need here.

And if you’re creating content for social media, don’t forget PowerPoint can play its part. For that, I have courses for Windows users and category of courses for Mac.