How can Matt find joy anlalysing data with Excel? What did he need to do?

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How can Matt find joy analysing Data with Excel?

data analysing

How can Matt find joy analysing Data with Excel?

Matt was a marketing executive who had recently started in a new London firm. Part of his role was to collect and analyse market research data and present the findings to a team meeting each week.

sales data

He loved his job as a creative team player and inputting ideas and seeing them through, however the number crunching aspect of his role was not something he relished. This was because he found himself spending more time on working out how to create spreadsheet functions and formulae than focusing on the content and creating the ideas from the results. This was stopping him from feeling confident in his own true skills and abilities.

For Matt, this was a pain!

How could Matt make the necessary chore of data analysis an easier task, so that he could excel at his real job?

In a one-and-a-half-hour session I taught him the joy of Subtotals! We looked at ways of totaling groups of data using the subtotals feature. Matt’s eyes were opened, and his confidence raised in a
matter of minutes.

He also admitted to me that a previous training day where he was part of a group, he had felt embarrassed to ask some basic questions on constructing simple formula in front of the others. In feeling like this, he was unable to learn what he specifically needed and then to do his job to the best of his ability.

What is holding you or the people you work with back? Are you afraid like Matt that you or will look stupid by asking questions that you think are simple when on a full day training course?

In my experience if there is one person who asks a seemingly simple question then there are others who have the same question and are too shy or embarrassed to ask.

How does this apply to a VA?

This applies to a busy VA as well as to a team player in a busy marketing company. Perhaps you are asked by your client to analyse sales data or trends? What if you need to create a tracker for various tasks?

You could use our online courses to work at your own time and pace go to – . Alternatively, you could book a one to one learning session with me, you can pick the topics and the time. It can be face to face or over something like Zoom and we can get you working smarter not harder in just an hour and a half!

Time well spent I’d say.

Here is what Jo Brianti of JLB Support Solutions said after spending just an hour and a half with me recently.

I love it and wish I had found you/your help much earlier.  Using this has streamlined my toolset and will save me money as I don’t need to pay for other tools as I have in the past.

You can find Jo here

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Anne says March 5, 2018

Great point about the sub-totals and don’t forget the ever-valuable pivot tables as well – which I’m sure you will cover in another post 🙂

    Shelley Fishel says March 5, 2018

    Oh yes Anne Pivot Tables! Definitely a topic for another post!

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