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How Jennifer wowed her clients with PowerPoint Designer in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

PowerPoint Desinger PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Jennifer is a busy VA. She works for several clients and some days she can be found using Microsoft Word, others Excel and also PowerPoint. Jennifer is always looking for two things.

  1. Ways of saving time – time is money and the more she gets done in less time, the better!
  2. Ways of improving the work she does so that clients will recommend her

Jennifer was delighted to learn about a relatively new feature in PowerPoint called Designer. You will see Designer when you are using PowerPoint 2016 as part of an Office 365 subscription and have an internet connection. This feature exists in both the Windows and Mac version of PowerPoint which is a great relief to Jennifer as sometimes her clients want her to do things that work differently on Windows and Mac. Nice to have something that works the same way on both platforms.

So, what does it do and how does it work?

PowerPoint Designer will detect any photos that you add to a presentation and will offer you suggested layouts which look very professional. Layouts that have been designed by graphic design folk and look stunning. That’s not all, you are offered a selection of layouts and styles matching the theme or Design you are working in. If you don’t see one you like, simply hit the Design Ideas button and more will be surfaced for you.

See it in action

Here is the presentation that Jennifer is working on. She is designing something for Koffee Island – a coffee shop and so has images of coffee and people to add.

Starting from a blank presentation Jennifer has typed the title slide and added a second slide. As soon as she added the first picture (1) Designer leapt into action! Notice the layouts on offer in the side panel on the right (2) all sorts of interesting layouts. Jennifer chose one to see how it looks (3)

This is amazing! Professional looking slides without any professional design skills!

Now Jennifer decided to change the design to Facet – the green one – see how the designs change and keep up.

Having chosen the new Design theme, Jennifer selected one of the title slide layouts on offer to have a lovely new title slide.

Now to add photos of the people who work at Koffee Island – as soon as Jennifer adds a photo Designer gets to work making suggestions. Jennifer has added two pictures, Matt and Lisa the baristas as Koffee Island.

Designer offers lots of layout suggestions in the task pane. Here is the one she chose.

Jennifer is delighted with this new discovery.

If for some reason it does not offer any designs, she can click the Design Ideas button on the Design Ribbon.

What do you think of this feature? Personally, I love it. I use it on a frequent basis as the slide designs are much more professional than anything I can do.

How will you make use of it?

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