How to add a cover pagein a Word 2016 for Windows Report

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How to add a cover page to Word 2016 for Windows

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

Finish off your report with a Cover Page

You have written a large brilliant report and you need a cover page to finish it off. Word helpfully comes with an option to add a cover page. Not only can you add one of the pre-designed cover pages, you can modify them to suit your needs and colour scheme. Or you can create your own and save it to the Cover Page Gallery.

Here is how

  1. Click on the Insert Ribbon
  2. Chose Cover Page

You will see a range of ready to use Cover Pages. If you are using your own Theme and have changed the colours in the colour scheme, the colours of the Cover Page will use your theme. If you use a new document without a design, they will use the standard Microsoft Word colours.

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

Insert (1) Cover Page (2) Select design (3) Find more on or delete from gallery (4)

Choose the cover page you want to add, and it will be inserted into the document.

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

Simply complete the fields with the information such as Title, Subtitle, Company name date etc.

Modify the Cover Page

If you wish to modify what the cover page looks like simply make the changes on screen.

Here I have selected the filigree and chosen to change the colour

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

I have also added in the tomorrow’s VA logo. Now I want to save this version of the cover page.

  1. Select all the content on the Cover Page
  2. Click on the Insert Ribbon
  3. Click the drop down under Cover Page
  4. Choose Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

Name the new cover page – note that it is stored in the Cover Pages Gallery within the Building Blocks Organisor.

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

See your new cover page

You will find your new cover page at the bottom of the Cover Page Gallery where you can choose to insert it.

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

Remove Cover Page

If you decide that you no longer need a cover page in this document, simply click on Remove Current Cover Page from the Insert Cover Page dialogue.

Delete Cover Page for good

If you decide that you no longer want to see this cover page, then you can delete it from the gallery.

On the Insert ribbon click on Quick Parts and choose Building Blocks Organizer.

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

Within the Organizer find the cover page you want to delete, select it and click Delete.

Cover Page Word 2016 Windows

It will now be removed completely.

How will you use this in your documents? Will you be creating your own cover pages to use for reports?

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