How to Create Lead Magnets and eBooks  with Ease using Microsoft Word 

Do you want to Take the Leap & Create eBooks and Lead Magnets? 

In this course I show you how to create an awesome Lead Magnet using Microsoft Word in as little as in a couple of hours - even if you have no idea where to start with Microsoft Word


Step away from the screen

Don’t read this page IF…

  • You believe Efficiency and Productivity are easy to master
  • You like to Waste hours searching online for a solution
  • You aren’t ready to set up lead magnet templates and create lead magnets and eBooks with ease
  • You are not willing to Give me just 2 and a half hours

Then this page, this solution and this product is not for you.

But if you are NOT one of the fact you are the exact opposite..


  • You are A Self - Motivated Virtual Assistant who wants to be their client's secret weapon
  • And you want to FINALLY Follow this no-nonsense course delivered by someone with oodles of experience who knows exactly what you need

Then you are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time!

You are a Virtual Assistant and everyone is telling you that you need to create eBooks and Lead Magnets, whether for your own business or your clients - but no one is telling you how!

Some questions you may be asking yourself:

  • Do I need advanced knowledge?
  • Do I need specialist software?
  • Will I be dependant on my internet connection?

Believe me I know where you are coming from. I run my own business too!

I can assure you that you just need to learn a few tricks about Microsoft Word and you will know exactly how to create an eBook or Lead Magnet.

Once you have taken this course, you will know how to style your eBook and how to add all kinds of extras from a Table of Contents, to an Index, Captions for Images and Tables. Plus all the other tips and shortcuts you need.

All you will need to focus on is what to write!