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How to draw on your Word document

Today’s tip is for those of you who use a touch screen device. That may be a touch screen laptop like a Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro, or an HP with a touch screen or a Lenovo – you get the idea. A laptop that can be used with a digital pen or even your finger or the mouse.

Drawing is also available on mobile devices, phones, tablets, Android or IOS.How to draw on your Word document

Firstly, you may not see the Draw Ribbon. If perhaps you are using a non-touch device then the Draw Ribbon will not be switched on. You can switch it on and then use the mouse to draw or write on the screen if you wish.

To switch on the Draw Ribbon, go to File>Options>Customise Ribbon and tick the box next to Draw in the list of ribbons on the right of the screen. Now you have the Draw Ribbon showing you can use it.

How to Draw on your Word Document

You see that on the Draw ribbon are several choices, Select, Draw with Touch, Eraser, then a selection of Pens and the ability to add new pens, the Ink Editor, Ink to shape and Ink to Math, the Drawing Canvas and Ink Replay.

To use a pen, simply click on one, choose the colour etc and off you go. Use the Mouse, your finger or a digital pen if you have one. I use this when I need to sign a document, I have a Surface Laptop and a digital pen. I scroll to where I need my signature and use the Draw ribbon to select a pen and sign my name. Then I can save the document as a pdf and voila it’s done!

Add a pen and choose whether it is a pencil, highlighter or pen and set the colour and weight or thickness of the line.

It is easy to use and if like me you are not so great at drawing shapes, turn on Ink to Shape and Word will turn your scraggy square into a perfect square.

I have written here about drawing in Word. The same applies to Excel and PowerPoint too.

Will you use this? Leave a comment and tell me how you will use it or what suggestions do you have for others to make use of this feature?

How to Draw on your Word Document


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