Content is King

There’s a saying in business and marketing that “content is king”.

It might have been Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates who first coined the phrase.

There’s a lot to be said for it – though maybe today it should say “content is queen”.

Whichever way you prefer, there are bags of common sense behind the phrase.

For the smarter-working VA, content is your ally.How to get creative with content

And it’s your friend in two distinct ways.

Firstly, you can use it to build up your portfolio of marketing materials, sometimes called marketing ‘collateral’.

The great thing is you can chunk up and chunk down to create a valuable bundle of content for building your VA business.

Let me show you what I mean.

You could create a checklist – perhaps of things to look out for when hiring a professional and reliable VA.

Write a couple of paragraphs about each point on the checklist – to say more about each one – and you have a summary guide for a pdf.

Add more detail and some examples and you can turn that into an eBook – which could be used as a lead magnet, a free giveaway or a bonus gift.

You might even create a little sales brochure, to tell people about the services available and highlight what you do so well. That’s another pdf right there.

That’s the chunking upside of things.

Very quickly you have built up some resources for marketing yourself.

Some VA’s won’t bother or they may not do themselves justice with the content. If you do it well, you’ll automatically be at the front of the field.

And another benefit of creating guides, eBooks and reports is this.

You can chunk down.

The content in your guides, eBooks and reports – sometimes called ‘pillar’ content – can be broken up into smaller pieces.

Use the words and images to create any or all of the following:

? Blog posts

? Infographics

? Videos (share the written words on camera)

? Emails

? Social Media posts, e.g. for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Maximise the value of the content you create.

Repurpose. Revise. Re-use.

And there’s a second distinct reason why content is your ally.

How to get creative with contentCreating content for your VA business can be used to impress your prospects and clients.

You can show them what you are capable of producing. Demonstration and illustration are powerful forms of persuasion.

You can talk to your clients as an expert or specialist.

You can guide and advise them on how they could use the content for their business. If they like what they hear and don’t have an in-house team, guess who they are most likely to ask to take on the project?

That’s right. You.

It’s all perfectly possible when you know what you are doing with Microsoft Office 365.

A good reason for making sure your “how-to” skills in the different applications are up to the mark.

You don’t need to know every single thing that Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook do.

But it does help to know how to do the most essential and most commonly-used tasks.

That’s what you get with my series of online training courses.

Clear, step-by-step guidance as if I am by your side.

Learn when you want, where you want.

Pay once and enjoy lifetime access – refresh your memory whenever you need.

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Here’s to your success.

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