How to insert a copy of your calendar into an email

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How to insert a copy of your calendar into an email

How to insert a copy of your calendar into an email

Insert a copy of your calendar

You are talking to a new client and trying to arrange to meet up or at least have a long telephone consultation. You need to find out exactly what tasks your client wants you to do. She says, when are you free? You go into this long chat about which dates and times – you know the one, I’m free on Monday at 10 and Tuesday at 2 and Thursday at 3. Your prospective client says, can you put this in an email for me please.

What do you do? You go into your calendar armed with your post it notes and write down every datea and time. You then fire up an email and type it all out. Phew. All that effort! You send it off and wait for a response.

There is an eaiser way!

Send a copy of your calendar in an email

Insert calendar

There are two ways we can do this. One when the reply message stays in the reading pane and the second when you pop out the reply message.

First, we will see how to reply with a copy of the calendar having popped the reply out into its own window.

Figure 1- insert calendar icon

  1. Open the email you want to reply to
  2. Click Reply
  3. Now click into the white space where you write
  4. Click the Insert Ribbon
  5. Click Calendar

Select the date range

Figure 2 – specify the date range

Specify the Date Range.

Add detail

Figure 3- specify the detail visible

Set which of the options you wish to show:

Availability only – this shows time as Free, Busy, and Tentative etc. The recipient will not be able to see what you are doing.

Limited details – Includes the subject of the calendar items

Full details – Shows availability and full details of calendar items

A copy of your calendar is added to the email

Figure 4- copy of your calendar is inserted

Type the message at the top of the email and click Send.

When you reply to the message stays in the reading pane

When the reply to the message is in the reading pane you don’t see the big calendar button. However, you can see an Insert Item button and the Calendar option is below that. The process is exactly the same.

Now your client can reply to you with a meeting invite for the time that suits her best.

Let me know how if you find this useful and what other tips you would like to see here.

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